Monday, June 3, 2013

Motherly concern

My mother is always concern about me when I'm pregnant. Even though we don't look very much the same physically, we are very alike, almost identical in our pregnancies it has proven. With my sister that she gave birth to ten years after me, she had to lay down the last three month to resist having Lissie arriving too soon, so when she hear about our busy schedule all the time with lots of moving around, taking care of Alexis etc, it surely keeps her worried. Almost every day she sends me messages about not to forgetting to rest and take as many naps during day as possible. I love her for this motherly concern and I would absolutely be just the same. But I do rest, I promise! Less when we're at home in Zürich during normal days, but in the car when we travel or whenever I find the time, which I actually, normally do a little bit. Especially when we're away without kids! The whole day is really vacation!
This is some resting in the shade by the pool in this lushy, green and very typical Provence environment before yesterday's evening fiesta.


  1. what a wonderful life...

    1. Yes, sometimes it comes with this wonderful moments!

  2. You can say to your mother that you rest so well in this nice hotel in Lacoste, its so peaceful only noise of birds and crillons..
    As I already said I know so well there that I could imagine to rest besides you on your armchair at pool side...

  3. I could also join you, since there seems to be a lot of space around the pool ;-) An excellent way of boosting your energy levels. Nice outfits both on you and your husband((earlier published post))! Hugs from Sophia