Thursday, July 4, 2013

70th's girl

Since you all seem to appreciate so much when I post pictures of my family, friends and other interesting people and environments - I'll continue since one of my passions is to take photos of people who has something extra fascinating, beautiful or just something that catches my attention.
This is yet another picture of my beautiful little sister, which I snapped when we took one of the afternoons, peaceful and slow walks in the nature around. She looks like a 70th's rockstar. Wouldn't you say?


  1. yes, true!
    I find her very her overall expression very interesting!

  2. It´s so refreshing to see a "normal" woman, i love all the pictures of you, your mum and Lissie, because you all look so healthy, don´t get me wrong, but i really like woman with a little bit fat and muscles;) And every picture of your sisters contains so much lust of life, pleasure and she has got a lot of charisma!Would die for having her lips....Fantastisk!!!

  3. Lena is sooooo admirative of all your family we could think that she is in love with blablablabla!
    It's true that L is beautiful like a vety pretty young woman.
    Best dearest

  4. She's gorgeous :) just like her sis!

  5. Yes Lissie is a natural beauty. different style than you Stina but two 2 gorgeous daughters for your parents.
    They must be very proud.
    How long do you stay in the South?

  6. Your sister is a supremely beautiful woman, just as you are, but as Uta already said, quite different from you. I find it so interesting to see how she takes so much after your mother and you look more like your father.
    By the way, I really love your sisters new hair Color, it looks perfect on her. The previous dark brown was too 'hard' for my taste, too dark. But this lighter brown now, it suits her so so well! :-)


  7. She is absolutely gorgeous, reminds me of a young Marianne Faithfull :)