Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Blondie is back in the city!

So we're back in Zürich. And how weird does it feel to stay in a warm apartment, highest floor up, smack in the middle of the city after living the slow and soft days in our house in the South of France for such a long time.
I can tell you that my planned two weeks there (that turned out to be almost six weeks in the end), were the best ever. Being pregnant in that environment, with M's mother lovely food, everyone's company, the routines and the mind-blowing nature around - I could hardly have asked for more. I am beyond grateful that this place is in the family and that I've met a man with such a lovely bunch of people in it! We've had visitors from Sweden, Colombia and Miami: it's so much fun and so lovely to gather everyone in this amazing place. But it's always nice with changes and this time we're only staying here until Thursday and after that, off again for a very long stay at another destination on this planet.
I'm also very thankful for my thoughtful man, who was never once angry at me when I again decided to stay "another week". And I'm so happy to see what this outside environment, long period has done to our little son. He speaks so much more, in all of his three languages (words) and walks up and down stairs without a problem or any help, jumps from the side of the pool into our arms without fear and he's such a happy and well behaved little kid, I couldn't ask for more. If little L is half as adorable and cute inside and out, I'll be a mother beyond happy. Thank you life for all of this!

But I'm back in the city life now, adapting as a chameleon and the blogging has been so so since this hospital visit for some reason; I guess it took a lot of energy to heal. I'm very tired counting the final days of this pregnancy and the heat is not exactly helping. There's so many things going on and at the same time my brain is slower than ever. As soon as I do something, I get tired and need to rest and my memory is like jelly in my head. I have to write everything down not to forget.

Being back in Zürich means some nice things too though, like shopping and so on. I've been wearing something like six pieces of clothing these weeks and I actually enjoy finding my favourite stores here again before leaving it all again for a long time.

And these awesome shades waiting for me at home here were also a joy to find from the best designer ever, Karen Walker of course, who is making these original and retro sunglasses, all with a little something extra. I got them at the same time as the beautiful Kimono and you can find them on the same page if you are interested.

Tonight, I'll dress up in a pair of new Stella McCartney heels I bought today and meet some nice girls for dinner that I haven't seen in a long time. Hopefully I'll have time to take an outfit picture of what I'm wearing tonight.

Well, that's the quite confusing update so far from this very slow thinking mother to be.

Talk soon!


  1. Yes! Blondie is back and hot like hell!!!

    I am so curious about the next destination but can not come up with another guess than Sweden. Really exciting! Would love to see an outfit from tonight! Have a great evening!

  2. The Sunglasses are stunning, Stina! As are you. Glowing with good health.
    Take care, Caroline x

  3. Back to your life after this wonderful break of peace.
    You already is acting with your buying, preparing new destination , seeing your friends and you tell that you are tired...... Oh my beautiful Stina, I am more tired than you doing half of you do without pregnancy!
    Your blond hair, tan and new glasses suits you perfectly. It looks you lost some weight a part your big belly!!
    Right? In anyway, I will be away far away may be the same period then you we leave the 10th so I will miss you so much this long time. Wifi does not work where I go or badly.
    You let us to be so curious to yr destinatuon.

    1. Oh Uta, hope your trip goes well and can't wait to have you back like normal here at the blog.

      And yes, I look tired and skinny in the face, perhaps it's little L that's taken all the volume and fat from me. And I have not the same, big appetite I normally have because there's not much room left for food with him being in the belly and this heat is not exactly increasing my appetite either. Bare with me! Soon i'll be back to more normal!

      Big hug,

  4. P.S. in fact may be you do not loose weight but these sunglasses are so huge that they are eaten your pretty face!
    Here complete protection for blue eyes often delicate.
    Hugs. uta

  5. you are looking like a insect...everythiing is a little bit so big...I don't know....

  6. That's such a dumb comment @AnonymousJuly 31, 2013 at 12:52 PM!! She don't look like an insect - but maybe too pretty to be human ;)

    Rebecca S.

  7. welcome back! Hope you enjoyed your 6 weeks down in SF!
    Indeed - you look very skinny in this pic and I unfortunately have to say, that these sunglasses are not very flattering for your pretty face!

    I make a guess where your next journey will be up to: NYC :)

  8. what hospital visit?

  9. Oh, Stina! You are a beautiful woman, but why do you have to over use lip fillers! Now you look like Sylvester Stallone´s mother, and her lips aren´t pretty. Less is more!