Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Competition ended!


Thank you so much for all the very well written advices concerning the competition about the bag! I've read them all and you should also as it's very developing and one can always learn so much about other people's advice about life and their experience.

This one though caught my attention at most since I need to improve in that aspect as most people on this earth. I truly believe it's of extreme importance not to focus on the problems and bad things and NOT to talk about them too much.

So, Lina from Norway! You are the winner of the prettiest one; the orange with a matching purple wallet! Send me an email with your address and full name and it's yours in 4-15 days normally, sent through the slow, very slow administration of the South of France!

This is Lina's life advice, read, take it and try to live according to it!

3. Advice - "The 5 minute rescue talk." In life you go through ups and downs, about work - you get promoted and you get laid off, you fall in love and out of love, sometimes darkness and tough situations as for instance health problems occur out of nowhere and you feel sad, anxious, afraid and frustrated. You feel you have to talk about what's happening in your life with your partner/family or a friend. But the hard thing is not to go on about it - because then it becomes poison and it becomes your life. So once I got this advice to only talk about it for 5 minutes at a time and this makes You are able "to brush it off" and then try to focus on the positive things in your life so it doesn´t eat you up!

All the best to all of you! Talk soon!


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    1. Right, but luckily deep sorrows don't happen daily....I've actually read that during an average life span one can experience up to seven great losses or deep sorrows (including infidelity of the partner, divorce, parents' death etc.). Of course, then there are people who unfortunately get more pf such traumatic experiences like those who lost their whole faimilies in Thailand a few years ago due to the tsunami or those who have to watch their child die...But as said before, luckily, luckily, luckily such things happen seldom, at least in the world and culture we live in. And this we should be gretaful for. Yet it does not prevent us from experiencing smaller problems, sorrows. It'd be crazy to expect that everybody who has food on the table and healthy children is obliged to be happy all the time. The scale of oir problems is definitely different than that of opressed women in Pakistan, but we still do have problems...And the quoted advice seems like a good way to handle exactly those daily worries. Which is why your remark seems quite trivial.

    2. Dear Stina, my English isn't good enough to express what I felt when I first read the advice, being in deep, deep mourning. Now I regret that I have written. Your blog is lovely and celebrates beauty, happiness and harmony. I didn't want to disturb this. To be honest, I cannot bear comments which I unfortunately provoked. Please, be so kind as to delete my words.

  2. Congrats Lina!!! I really appreciated that advice both for myself but also to spread further on among my firends and at work.

  3. Great piece of advice!thank you ,all the best , Lana

  4. I loved this advice! I think its great and so true!!!

    Best wishes

  5. It's a very good advice and we should be able to follow it, but I think very very difficult to do it following what is happening in our life. But I will try to follow it even it will be veryyyy difficult for me.
    Anyway bravo Lana and for you Stina I can iimagine how it was difficult to choose one of your readers who really wanted this basket!
    Warmly. Uta

  6. an advice I will practice as of now forever !!! and referring to the first anonymous comment: daily life can be rough enough, but it´s still a perfect advise for a normal daily life and all its demands.
    XX summer greets from bavaria, germany with about 40°C aaaaa ; )

  7. Congratulations Lina, great advice... wear your beautiful new basket in the best of health always! :)

  8. Thank You Dearest Stina and All beautiful readers so much for liking my advice! It warms my heart.

    My father gave me this advice. My family have gone through sudden infant death, depression and now recently my husband had surgery and became paralyzed for 2 months when the operation went wrong.

    Kind Regards Lina

  9. I have relatives with serious illness, and I listen, that is the only thing I can do. But they don't focus on their illness, and we have much more to discuss.

    The other people I know. When they talk about their issues with money or relationships, I think these are superficial, too personal and they don't belong to me.

    Instead of just talking about it, they should try to fix what can be fixed. Usually you can fix problems with money or your private life. An outsider cannot or should not be asked to lend money or listen to stories about cheating... Listening in this way just doesn't help...