Tuesday, July 9, 2013


So it so fun to see how much you all loved the colourful baskets I bought the other day! Some of you suggested that I should buy more and sell them in Stinas Vintage Store, and if I find some again, not too expensive, why not? They are so practical, chic and works both in the summers city life and for the beach.
But this post is about something else because I've decided that one of you will be able to win one of the bags with a matchy wallet to go with it!

So what do you need to do? Well, it's so warm outside so let's keep it rather simple!

1. Follow me on Bloglovin and Google Friends, (on the left side in the blog) (if you already are, Bravo!)
2. Follow me on Instagram (if you don't have a smartphone, just write that so I know)
3. Write a comment about an very good advice you've got about whatever and share it here in the comment field (can't wait to read them all!).
4. Specify which colour you would like, your name or initials and the country you live in.

Everyone from all around the world can participate and the competition ends in a week!

Good Luck!


  1. hi Stina,

    how can you afford your luxurious lifestyle? I am new to your blog but I read that you are a nurse, right?


  2. I hope I did this correctly the blog and google parts :D Instagram: @breonnadavidson
    The best advice I have gotten, is to always give and never expect anything in return. Its better to always be giving to others. <3 Also to never let anyone determine your mood based off their actions. If I won I would not be picky about colors :) beggers can't be choosers, thank you for the chance. My name is Breonna, USA xo.

  3. Oh dear what a good and kind idea for your followers.
    I will not participate but it's already so hot and you take of your time to please your admiators and followers....

  4. Hi Stina,
    It's a great idea that you organized this competition!

    So an advice which I received from my mother is (they are so many from her:)): I NEVER have to go to bed without washed off my makeup and cleaned my teeth:) Mums:)

    and: you can achieve everything what you want if you believe in yourself.

    I felt immediately in love with all the best, the ar gorgeous! Pratique because they are bis and classic! But when I have to choose one than orange:)

    Wish you a nice and sunny day!

    All the best,
    Sabrina from Zürich

  5. I have forgot to write you that I follow you one all your platfroms:) My username is luxurynews oder sabrina@luxurynews.ch (on goole+):)

  6. Love this competition! I had already followed you on Bloglovin (and now Google Friends), but alas, my Nokia phone doesn't allow me to use Instagram.
    My advice is from my mother: "It's better to have something finished than something perfect". Of course this applies better to some things than others, but for my always striving for perfection-character, it is very good advice. Sometimes I think I would not get anything done if I didn't remember this!

    I love the orange and pink bags. From Finland, Taru.

  7. Hi stina,i follow you on blogloving and google friends,but i dont have a smartphone.
    The best advice i have gotten is to always stay true to yourself!

    The color i like best is pink,but i like them all:)
    I am from germany.

  8. I forgot my email:

  9. Hello Stina! Firstly let me congratulate for your amazing blog. I'm following it for months and I'm in love with everything you are sharing for all the followers. Secondly I really like your style. I love the colors you wear, I do the same😊.
    My Instagram: @irenakita.
    Thank you! I wish all the best!

  10. 1.Though I’ve been reading your blog now for almost a year, I never did it by follow me on Bloglovin -I just “register” :o).

    2.Yet I’ve been following you on Instagram since November (it is me the one who recently asked you again –sorry!- for the cupcakes recipe…hehehe :o)

    3.As a comment, well… I started to read your blog by chance one day, surfing through different websites. I love photography and I also appreciate things that are aesthetically pleasing (as you do too).
    The more I started to read you, the more attached I got to your story and found some similarities between us both.
    We are certainly different in many ways, but those things that connect us are very equal. My boyfriend and I started our relationship with as many difficulties as adventurous facts (he is Swedish and I was living in Switzerland). To see each other, we booked our weekends at multiple locations. It was fun but we lacked the “day-to-day” life feeling that gives some long term credit. The distance in between was not an easy road yet after 1 year together, I unexpectedly learned I was pregnant of a wonderful little boy.
    9 months later, my boyfriend moved to Switzerland with me and a week later, we became parents.
    So as you, we both initiated a life together with 2 very new things we hadn’t experienced together before: as a couple, and as parents.
    None hasn’t been easy as, if you think about it, in a way we didn’t know each other since ours was a (long)weekend or holiday relationship.
    Our families are far from each other too so though they try to come and visit us as often as they can, with its pros and cons, we are alone in a country that sometimes doesn’t seem to be as child-friendly.
    However, we are trying to building this (our small) family with the same solid base as we had through our childhood.
    Hence, there the similarities I’ve found between us both, dear Stina.
    I can find myself in your thoughts and worries sometimes, as much as in your joy and happiness of what you and M are building together.
    Apologizes if my comments to add became way too large.

    As an advice, I will add one my mother told me the day I call my parents to announce them I was pregnant, single and my boyfriend (and them) were kilometers away. She said, “Leap, and the net will appear”.
    And so I did…

    4. I love them all, seriously… though I would maybe go for the red and fuchsia, just because they stand for feminine and would match my red lipstick :o) My name: Leticia. And the country I live, Switzerland (Geneva).

    LOVE and Sunshine

  11. Hi Stina! I really apriciate this competition. Firstly let me congradulate for your amazing blog. I'm following it for months and I really like the way you describe yourself and your love for the family and fashion.
    I love the combination of the colors from the photo you post.
    My instagram id: @irenakita
    Wish you all the best!
    Have a nice weekend!

  12. MesaiDesign LinaJuly 9, 2013 at 11:08 AM

    Dear Stina,

    1.✓- Check!

    2.✓- Check!

    3. Advice - "The 5 minute rescue talk." In life you go through up and downs, about work - you get promoted and you get laid off, you fall in love and out of love, sometimes darkness and tough situations as for instance health problems occur out of nowhere and you feel sad, anxious, afraid and frustrated. You feel you have to talk about whats happening in your life with your partner/family or a friend. But the hard thing is not to go on about it - because then it becomes poison and it becomes your life. So once I got this advice to only talk about it for 5 minutes at a time this makes You are able "to brush it off" and then try to focus on the positive things in your life so it doesn´t eat you up!

    4. Any of those lovely bags would make me happy!! Lina (MesaiDesign) Norway // Kind Regards Lina

    1. I love this advice!!!! Best ever! Will start to use it tomorrow!

  13. I live my life by this advise I once read in a book:
    "Don't promise when you're happy, don't respond when you're angry and don't decide when your sad."
    I have learned over the years the importance of a good nights sleep before I do any of the above, altough that might sound a bit boring. Learn to listen to your gut is also something that I have worked on and I am proud to say that my gut (magkänsla) is always right!
    4: I would love to win one of the beautiful bag, either in organge or in red/pink.
    5: details Fia E, Stockholm Sweden

  14. I live my life by this advise I once read in a book:
    "Don't promise when you're happy, don't respond when you're angry and don't decide when your sad."
    I have learned over the years the importance of a good nights sleep before I do any of the above, altough that might sound a bit boring. Learn to listen to your gut is also something that I have worked on and I am proud to say that my gut (magkänsla) is always right!
    4: I would love to win one of the beautiful bag, either in organge or in red/pink.
    5: details Fia E, Stockholm Sweden

  15. Hi Stina! Great competition! I'm already a follower and best advice comes from William Shakespeare: "Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none." Any colour looks great, but maybe green or orange are my favourites. Take care! Sanna från Finland

  16. Hej Stina!
    What a wonderful competition! Of course I would love to win one of the bags, preferebly the orange one, but it really doesn´t matter they are all beautiful.
    I follow you at bloglovin as Sigenomargit and on Instagram as eigir.
    My favorit advise(and saying) at the moment is "always be your self unless you can be a unicorn then always be a unicorn"
    Åsa from Sweden (jagmed@hotmail.com)

  17. Great competition I so love this bag. I would love the orange bag if I am lucky. I follow you on instagram and come from Ireland. Enjoy your time in France. I live by 'be true to yourself' I think if you follow this you will not have regrets.

  18. Hi Stina! Your blog is wonderful and I am very interesting because I have a little boy age as yours!!! I follow you on blogloving, google friends(jecaneca1) and instagram as jelena_radovic

    My advice: The best thing a person can learn in life is that there are times when you do not need to ask questions. Shut up and remember!!!

    I am from Serbia

  19. Let's see, I follow on Bloglovin and Google, don't have Instagram, live in Scotland.
    The best bit of advice hmm, I think it was 'react but don't overreact" at different times that has saved my marriage, my father's life and my sanity!
    Oh and my favourite is the coral/red bag.

  20. As I am about to crash for the night and have read all of the WONDERFUL advices above, I feel obliged to also share one, but before that I want to THANK YOU, STINA for a wonderful blog who's main and unique gift among Blog worlds has been to GIVE to us readers. Much LOVE to you, dear wonderful WOMAN.

    Lesson learned the HARD way: There is not only your heart or your head to listen to when deciding to go left or right. There is also the GUT feeling. Which roughly translated is: if you feel any signal from your belly be it pain or nausea or similarities to negativity (=uneasy) - than that is your T-R-U-E guide line. The heart and the head are so easily manipulated.

  21. I'm following you on Bloglovin, Google and Instagram. Love your blog. :) I'm in the U.S. and I like all the bags so a surprise color is fine with me.

    My favorite bit of advice comes from Mother Teresa. It's kind of long but it means a lot to me:

    People are often unreasonable, irrational, and self-centered.
    Forgive them anyway.
    If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives.
    Be kind anyway.
    If you are successful, you will win some unfaithful friends and some genuine enemies.
    Succeed anyway.
    If you are honest and sincere people may deceive you.
    Be honest and sincere anyway.
    What you spend years creating, others could destroy overnight.
    Create anyway.
    If you find serenity and happiness, some may be jealous.
    Be happy anyway.
    The good you do today, will often be forgotten.
    Do good anyway.
    Give the best you have, and it will never be enough.
    Give your best anyway.
    You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and God.
    It was never between you and them anyway.


  22. 1,2 check
    3. We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.
    4. Any colour, Bea F. Mexico

  23. 1,2 check
    3. "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."
    4. Any colour
    Bea F. Mexico

  24. Hi Stina! I love your blog, your photos, style, the way you write... you have a real gift :) One of my favourite piece of advice comes from my dear Dad, and that is "you must leave to come again"... I live in the USA, and my family live in Europe and whenvever I visit I feel sad to leave... but that advice makes me happy and look forward to future reunions. All of your bags are beautiful, but if I was lucky enough to win, I'd like you to choose the one you'd like to give away. Best wishes :)

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  26. Hi Stina!

    I am a follower both on Bloglovin and Instagram. This is a truly lovely competition. The colours of the bags are just amazing, I think I´d prefer the combos (orange-green and orange-blue).

    The best piece of advice I got on my wedding day was always to meet and greet a family member returning home at the front door. Greet him/her at the door, with a kiss or a hug (or just a hello, if you are pissed at them!) instead of shouting a quick hello from somewhere inside the house. This will make them feel welcome, appreciated and missed. Needless to say, I have been married for 26 years.

    All the best!
    Jatta in Finland

  27. Hi best Stina!
    I follow you both via bloglovin and Google since way back but unfortunately I dont own a smartphone.

    My mother taught me to treat everyone you meet in the same way that you would want to be treated, and that I try to live up to every day. But sometimes, it does not matter how nice you are, it is not enough for some people, and just as important as not to enerigi on those who do not deserve your kindness.

    All bags are equally fab and any color is welcome home to my home.

    Erika, Sweden erikacao@hotmail.se

  28. 1. Done
    2. Done
    3. My best piece of advice is simply "Think twice" - "Tänk två gånger".
    4. I like the pink one best. I'm Pia, and I live in the US.

  29. 1. Done
    2. Done
    3. My best piece of advice is simply "Tänk två gånger" - "Think twice". Always follow the gut feeling, but don't forget to put at least a small piece of your mind into your decisions.
    4. I like the pink bag the most. I'm Pia and I live in the US.

  30. Hello :)
    Number 1 and 2 done :)
    3. My best advice, never leave home without your camera. I did once, and a photo op appeared and I just had my old crappy cellphone...
    4. I like the orange /blue in the picture here, My name is Mette and I live in Norway :)

  31. Dear Stina!
    I follow You on Bloglovin, Google and on Instagram.
    Just because You are so inspiring and your blog is so full
    of beauty and happiness.
    My advice is very simple and the only way to find yourself.
    Follow your heart.
    I would like to win the orange/ blue bag.
    Thank You for great competition!
    Best Regards,
    Ani from Finland

  32. 1. Done
    2. Done
    3. All my best advice that I've gotten comes from my grandfather, whom is now at the age of 87. He hasn't given me a sentence that "led me through life" something short and powerful like a slogan, but instead he has, through his action and behaviour shown me what a person to be, how to behave and what truely gives you hapiness. When my Grandfather was 16/17 years of age he was forced to participate in war and by the age of 20 he had been through three wars. He had lost several sibelins to sickness and he also lost his father at a young age. He has done a lot for other people and has had a hard life but he has always had a smile on his face, glittering eyes and he has always helped others. He has been shot at, almost killed, sometimes forced to walked 3 (swedish) miles to get food beacuse that was the only way to get food and he hadn't eaten for days. Once he risked his own life when he gave a little peace of food/piece of bread to some Russian war prisoners that screamed of hunger and who was locked in a train by the nazis. The Nazi soldier/German soldier saw him and put his machine gun to his head with the purpose of killing him. He knew that he risked his life by giving them food be he could not just watch them and do nothing. He is most beautiful man/person I know. He has always cared a lot of other people and has always been positive even thorugh the hardest times, through war and hunger, through sickness and sorrow. When my grandmother got a 2 Strokes and could not eat by herself, not go to the bathroom etc he took care of her. Many people would have put her in a home and several people asked him "why don't you put her in a home, you are old yourself and it's a lot to handle". He said, and I quote. "When I married her I promised to love her in sickness and in health and I'm going to keep that promise". That is a sentence that I will keep in my heart forever because it says it all! Through him I gotten the best advice a young girl ore a woman, I'm 34 now, can ever get. Be happy with what life gives you even in hard times. Keep a smile on your face, focus on wehat's good in life, don't give up you can acomplish whatever you set your mind to, if you give a promise keep it and behave towards other poeple as you would wish and hope for them to behave towards you. Then you know in your heart that life will be good no matter what comes in you way and you will be a good person!
    4. Actually I's be ahppy with either one of the bags but the one I woulde love love love a little but more tis the one that was in nature and blue with a zig-zag kinda print. Number 13 in the first post in you vintage store. Or the one in this post, orange, white/nature and blue is one combo to die for!

    Love Mary

  33. Ojoj, sorry, uppenbarligen är jag lite "slow". Men jag blev så till mig av tävlingen att jag helt enkelt glömde att titta på datumet och skrev ner ett tävlingsbidrag ändå, nåja! ;)