Friday, July 12, 2013

Family togetherness

Another random mix of the time when my family still was visiting. There's so many pictures, so little time to upload and publish but they eventually arrive here at the blog, few by few. I love to see the colourful life even so much more interesting with the little one around. Dogs, older, younger, cats, children, a big house gathering everyone for summer. That's how it should be.


  1. What a beautful resumé of your month in Provencr with your family in pictures.
    It gives all the happiness spenz there of all.
    Thanks to have share all these moments with us dear Stina.
    As already I said gorgeous inside and outside🐬...
    Hugs Uta

  2. P.S. Plus a very good business woman and hard worker t and sublime mum. I stop before you take la grosse tete in French!
    Have a nice return on the roads take your PC and camera this time.....
    Big big hugs

  3. It was Uta sorry

  4. Vilken underbar bildkavalkad! Så skönt där ser ut att vara. Riktig livskvalitet! MVH Laila

  5. Vilka fantastiska bilder! Tack Stina för att du delar med dig av ditt liv på detta sätt! Din livsstils blogg är en sann inspirationskälla! Mvh Helena

  6. So lovely pictures.....especielly the one with the sleeping dog and the little son!
    M. is so like his father!
    Hugs Titti ,waiting for her nice basket!!

  7. I am so in Love with the picture of Tiger and your son in the hammock. This Looks like Trust. <3


  8. I love the picture of Alexis in the hammock where he looks to the camera. He has beautiful big eyes there!

    Looking at your pictures make me want to take pictures next time I am with my family as you can capture beautiful moments.

    It was a wonderful time in South of France for you dear Stina and for us readers as we got inspired by your very talented eye.

    Keep it up and I am looking forward to many, many more inspiring pictures :)

    Have a wonderful weekend with your growing family ;)

  9. Wonderful, wonderful pictures of a beautiful and as it seems happy family. Thank you for sharing these moments with us. I am the person who lost her son last November. I wanted to thank you so much for yor very kind and empathic answer. And thank you that you did not publish my desperate words. You seem to be not only a very charming and nice person with impeccable taste, but also full of compassion for others.
    I wish you all the best for the birth of little L. and your family <3

  10. love! pure love!

  11. I wish you a happy summer from Italy.

  12. I imagine the return to zurich will be somehow an adventerous culture shock ; )
    enjoy the last south france days and have good journey! thank you for these lovely pics, XX Julia
    ps I know this symptom of no real night sleep during high pregnancy. consider it as a well preparation for the time with the newborn ; )

  13. Tack Stina att du delar med dig av dessa underbara bilder. man ser värmen och kärleken i de. framförallt så verkar det vara nästintill ett lugn som man bara ser på film. önskar att jag själv kommer få uppleva sommaren i södra frankrike någon i framtiden.
    Har ej haft möjlighet att kika på bloggen på en vecka eller lite mer pga livet (tyvärr det sorgliga i livet) men det har varit energigivande och njutbart att bara skrolla igenom och verkligen titta på dina underbara bilder.
    Kram! Rima (IG-följaren: byrimasophia)

  14. Wonderful pics!!!:) You ar so good at taking nice pics and thks for sharing with us:):) Susan

  15. Must b nice for your hubby to no longer have to wear the protective sleeve on his arm :-) Oh, and your Mum is one hot grandma, with a fabulous bikini bod - one that many women no doubt would envy! Have a happy & joyous weekend x

  16. Vilka underbara bilder Du tar. Jag tycker Du är en fantastisk fotograf. Jag har njutit av Dina bilder i flera år men aldrig kommenterat tidigare. Britt

  17. Wonderful pictures! I would like to have the opportunity to ask both you, Stina and your readers for some advice regarding Chanel.

    I'm to buy my first black GHW 2.55 and can absolutely not decide whether to go for caviar or lambskin. Caviar seems to be hard to get a hold of (I'm looking for a model around 5 years old as I think the newer ones with god hardware looks slightly cheap) and lambskin is not as durable.

    I was very set on caviar at first but have now started leaning against lambskin.

    So, dear readers and Stina - caviar or lambskin? what is your preference and why?

    Best/ N

    1. A huge CHANEL lover here, if I may reply :)
      From experience I would always say "go with your instinct"... there is no question the lambskin is complete luxury, and looks so elegant with ghw, it is quintessential CHANEL. And yes, the quality of years ago, 2008 and earlier is much nicer. I have caviar too, and it is durable and lovely, maybe a little more casual, good for daytime. I've seen countless lamb 2.55/classic CHANEL bags, and if well cared for look amazing and will last a lifetime. Go with what makes your heart skip a beat, and you can't go wrong. Best wishes :)

    2. Hi Deirdre,

      Thank you for taking the time to give your input. I'm also starting to feel that lambskin is more elegant for eveningwear (which is what I intend to use the 2.55 for), and caviar seems a bit more casual/daytime.

      The new caviar GHW's are disappointing and I feel the look of the locking is different and looked better around 90's- early 2004.

      I would love to hear more Chanel-lovers giving opinons but right now it's leaning alot towards lambskin:) After seeing alot of caviar lately it feels like the black lambskin GHW 2.55 is coming back strong!

    3. Good Morning N,

      As Deirdre so well described above, lambskin is much more fragile and the caviar not. I have them in both and I have to say that my lambskin 2.55 from 2002 or whenever I bought it, unfortunately do not look very nice even If I'm the sort of woman who takes very well care of my bags. So if you intend only to use it for nicer events, as an evening accessory etc, go for lambskin. But if it will be tossed around in the citys, taxis, with a toddler etc. caviar is what I would recommend even though I love the lambskin and it's impeccable look.

      Good luck!

  18. Lovely! Makes me wanna move to France now! How do you organize your pictures, just in the computer or do you make albums & prints?

  19. Such gorgeous photos of your lovely holiday and family. I particularly love your mothers white lace ðress. Safe traveling home.

  20. Vilka fantastiska foton! Du har sådan talang. Wow!

  21. Gorgeous pictures. Your family is beautiful. The bug pics give me the creeps though.

  22. Perfect selection!M has a very nice shirt;)(if i understood it right;)

  23. Thank you for sharing your lovely family photos.
    I enjoyed it very much.

  24. You've captured some beautiful moments/scenes. Lovely photos, thanks for sharing.

  25. Very relaxing! Btw your Parents in Law , they Look very nice! Lucky you!

  26. These pictures are all so lovely!you have a wonderful family!

  27. Wonderful and beautiful pics:-), lovely to look at:-)