Sunday, July 7, 2013

Habla Español?

So when my parents and sister left back to Sweden, we had more family coming over! The house went from French/English/Swedish speaking to mostly Spanish and English since everyone in my man's family also speaks this sensual language fluently. If I'm jealous? Slightly.
This is M's aunt and uncle, coming all the way from where they live in Miami and Colombia and actually, Mr S, the uncle and M's father sailed from Miami, over the Atlantic with their impressive sailing boat last autumn! How amazing is that? Very harsh of course and very long, wet, humid and a challenge for body and soul, only to have the ocean for weeks and weeks - but such an adventure!
Since then they've also gone to Antarctic and also visited Russia and many of the northern countries among other interesting places and uncle S is trying to convince aunt P to to another year (or two) of sailing around the world.
Very inspiring I would say, I hope we all can live out our dreams when getting older!


  1. I am meant to be outside gardening before the sun gets too hot. But I have just found your beautiful blog and have made my second cappuccino whilst I read it! We are heading to Ramatuelle next week and your pics are certainly putting me in the mood!

  2. I know the feeling! I'm learning Italian at the moment, since my boyfriend is Italian. So hard, but I cannot wait to be able to communicate in that sensual language :)
    Buona serata!