Tuesday, July 23, 2013

In a couple of months

Yes, it's probably not the right time to talk and show a picture of a cashmere coat, leather pants and suede boots ... when I live in 38°C heat for the time being. But I don't feel quite well yet and besides that, I'm angry/irritated and extremely high pregnant (the negative parts) - I need to remind myself that there's only a little more taen a month to go, and then it will all be over. Little L will be in my arms and we'll have two kids. A blessing and a dream come true. I will have my body back and will be able to wear what I want, shop what I want, stand up for more than five minutes without feeling like I'm going to faint and collapse. As I've said on many occasions before, being high pregnant with a small toddler really isn't a great idea. Not for me anyhow. I'm sure I will benefit from the two playing beautifully together when they are older, but a pregnancy is hard enough not needing to take care of a small one also.
And I do understand how much work the two first years to come now will be. They will be an ... adventure for sure. Probably tons of joy and happiness, but even those endorphin filled emotions can't take away the brutal reality. I have so many girlfriends who've done pretty much this journey and they all say that it's quite something. (As you might feel by now, I have one of those negative days today where I'm angry at all things possible, sorry for that, but when you have no energy and just would like to sleep for a week but can't - that's the result. I also feel that my little loveofmylife has slowly sneaked his way in to the phase parents call "the terrible two", very suitable for an already exhausted mother).

One good thing though is that tomorrow we'll have visitors from Colombia, a woman my age and her two daughters, one more or less the same age as Alexis. That will be a lot of fun hopefully.
The other fun thing is that I ordered some beautiful new things a while back and they've all seemed to have arrived in Zürich now and M will bring them when he is returning. Superficial happiness could not come at a better time.

Let's hope I return to the happy Stina tomorrow. See you soon!

(picture from October last year)


  1. Stina, if I did not stay a bit or (more...) superficial, loving H, the nice hotels, etc etc I probably will not be able to live for many personal reasons. And I also have a very very fantastic husband, so I completely understand your anger now.
    Tomorrow is another day....

    1. Thank you Uta, i know you understand completely!

  2. Cheer up beautiful mama ! it's Just the
    full moon playing with you..
    remember nothing lasts forever ...
    What a cheerful coat colour :)
    at least it made me happy !!!wishing oi the
    best of the best

    1. It might well be, Alexis was a pin putting to bed those two full moon evenings!

  3. Jag kan förstå känslan,kroppen är stor och man är trött.
    Men det kommer ju snart bättre tider!
    Du är iallafall alltid snygg och kvinnlig, oavsett!
    Cheer up! :)

  4. Heja dig! Snart har du din lille pojke i din famn och graviditeten är över.


  5. Sometimes you are in a bad mood and just can't help it- I know that so well myself! And then being positive can only irritate you more, if possible;). So to accept the bad days is sometimes just easier. But I'm sure it will be better and you will have a beautiful little boy to add to your family! Also the autumn will come and the weather will be easier for us! Thank you for having the time to write this blog even on a more gloomy day!

    P.S. That jacket is so beautiful!

  6. I´m really looking for the cold autumn, even not being pregnant;)
    Hope, that was one of those bad days?!? and that your energy comes back...
    Just received the pink bag today!Thank you so much!Will hopefully send you a pic from me and the bag, intend to have it as a picnic bag!
    All the best,

  7. Oh oh Stina are you well ??

  8. Hope you did not have complications with your pregnancy dear Stina.

  9. I love the fact, that you also share the darker parts of your life!
    Head up und always look on the bride side of life :)

  10. I wish you all the best, lots of power and strength for the upcoming weeks, months and .. years. you are a wonderful mum, I am sure & you will master everything. believe in your strength. all the best from salzburg/austria

  11. two little boys and high heels?

  12. It is ok to be in a bad mood sometimes! Soon u will have your baby in your arms!

    I recieved a beutiful basket today, Love it! Even more gourgeous than I thought! It will be my traveling company to Österlen for a wedding this weekend.
    Thank u dear Stina, take care!