Thursday, July 18, 2013

Look what I found!

Well, now you probably think I'm crazy, but since going to the different markets has become a normal activity during the day for necessities like food, fruit and vegetables - I just can't help searching unconsciously for beautiful things and since I have around 8 bags/baskets of my own now - I also look for some for you and this is what I found today. These ones have more details and I also got matching wallets for each one of them. More beautiful than ever! Go to Stina's Vintage store if you want one, but be super duper fast!


  1. Stina where do you storage all those bags?Just image how you carry and drive all those beauties in this old black car;)
    You are the best!!!

    1. My mother in law says it looks like the living room turned into an Colombian living room with tons of drugs being handled. Kidding but I'm quite quick in packing them etc and then I drive with our normal car (not the little one) to one of the post offices (you never now when they are closed or open, they go by how they feel) and send them to you all!


  2. Haha, your´re totally insane;)Just went shopping yesterday and tried to find something for you because i´m so grateful for this shopping service you did for all the readers!!!THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
    By the way, did you ever try some fig mustard?Perfect appetizer with some good cheese and some wine!