Monday, July 8, 2013

My little boy

These soon 20 days Alexis and me has spent here is just so magical. People have arrived, left, new ones has entered our little every day life and then left. But us two, we are the same, just like M's parents. And if I thought we had a strong connection before, this little boy and I, it's nothing of what we have now.
He's grown so much, intellectually, physically, emotionally and he understand every little single sentence, question or favour being asked in all three of his main languages (Swedish/English/French) and he talks so much, both in his own made up language and certain words put together in a language mix, sounding sweeter then the taste of strawberries. It's truly incredible and such an amazing journey I do side by side with him as he grows up and becomes more of a person in all ways possible. Yes, he is my son and my opinion can therefor not be objective, but the personality he's gifted with, the way he is as a human being, the kindness, the curiosity of life, the happy spirit of his soul and the very mature way of never taking a risk that feels too much - it's something special.
We have 7 weeks left together, just with him, this wonderful little boy, and I'm going to nurture from them, give him my world and just suck in whatever we can get out of the relationship before it will forever be changed and shared with his little brother as well.


  1. Beautiful - both your son and your words.

    / Jennie

  2. Saknar ord för att beskriva detta magiskt fina inlägg. Han är bedårande och mycket klok liten kille, det har länge synts direkt på honom. Tänk att du snart har två söner. Så charmigt med Kaninen som får sitta bredvid;)

  3. How Alexis has grown up already... And he is beautiful with this nice tan how happy he is!
    With such a love of a mother and which mother... he looks like a litle king of happiness
    Hugs to both of you

  4. awwww. already he looks like he has grown so much. it all happens so fast.

  5. Alexis has become a little personality. A.d again so cute with his Kanin and so nicely tanned.
    I'd really like to hear him talk. Three languages at the same time. Wow! I cannot imagine how it works, but it sounds fascinating. / B.

  6. Mr. Rabbit and Alexis!Soon he will have a little brother to play with. Unbelievable that he is able to speak and understand all the different languages!!
    Salut to Mr. Rabbit, Alexis and you;)

  7. He is so cute - looks like a real "Lausbub" as we would say in Bavaria.
    And I think it is such a great gift for him that he is able to speak and understand three different languages - that is really a gift for lifetime.

    Enjoy your togetherness :-)


  8. Loved this post! Hugs from Oslo

  9. Lovely post!
    Where is the porcelain from?

  10. aaaa, this made me cry. as a mother of two cutest i feel so exactly your sentiments. and i´m so sure, it will be as heavenly with your newborn as before. wish you the very very best for this wonderful and precious time XX Julia

  11. 3 languages? I Hope for him it Works.......