Friday, August 9, 2013

A quick city stroll

So I had a small opportunity to wear my absolutely amazing new shoes today. But unfortunately it was very hard to find one of these pictures that looked appropriate to show here, in fact I don't feel like posing on a picture at all at the moment, but I know you like it and I do love to show different style combinations, but I feel so tired and worned out and when one do, self portraits is not preferable.
As I've mentioned before, Alexis sleeps worse then ever and has started to be awake during the nights and still wake up quite early in the morning. He refuse to sleep in his own bed from the first time he wakes up, so we share the same bed Alexis, me and the big belly from midnight and he craves at least two bottles of formula per night, which he never have before. From being an angel in the nights, a school book example, my nights are now one big circus. So my face looks gloomy, skinny and with big hollow eyes that just crave for M to be back and help.
Country side is very good for a phase like this though, because mostly I just walk around in a hair bun and comfy, very uninteresting clothes but since it's so much pleasure with superficial things, I'll do my best anyhow to share this side as well, when I find time, opportunity and inspiration. The baby is really very much on it's way, and my whole body can feel it. I would not mind if he came a little bit earlier then expected, just to get M here and start our new family life.

(blazer: Moncler, t-shirt: COS, maternity jeans: H&M, bag: Balenciaga & heels: Fendi)


  1. Oh dear Stina, of course we like you showing us your fashion way, etc.but everyone can understand how you feel right now and your followers know that your priority nowadays in not in superficial things but to keep until you deliver so dont worry we like you the same thing even more when we feel you tired and we appreciate already very much that you continue to write us.
    You are beautiful with your new shoes or without them. I see that you lost weight and the main thing now is your new life arriving with little L and your health.
    Dont worry we are with you. Enjoy your family, little A a bit disturbed may be feeling your change, that's all what is important. We will see you as before very soon.
    Big hugs

    1. There is nothing to add. Uta, you are a very nice and compassionate person. Dear Stina, take care, and I wish you all the best for your delivery <3. / B.

    2. Hold on Stina, hold on! Your son , like an instintive small"animal" must feel the coming of someone new around-so to speak- and instinctively wants to become your only source of attention in his own way! Add to this, the big change of atmosphere from an estate in mediterranean climate to a smaller house and chillier climate, you have the perfect combo to disturb the night pattern of a two-year child.Hold on Stina and thnak you for this picture!Cath

  2. Could you tell me/us the size of the bag, please please please....
    I think, little A is feeling the big chance that is coming very soon. In a few days, his life will be completely different. He is a little king and there is an other king coming,this is not easy for him.....Good luck and health for your family!!!

    1. not chance.. I mean change :)))

  3. Uta is so right! Take care Stina!

  4. Could not agree more with Uta!
    Though it may sound next to impossible try to enjoy your very last days with Alexis as your only child.
    Hugs and carry on!


  5. Hang in there Stina, now is really the countdown, and regardless of how you feel you can always be sure that I as well as your other "fans" always find you beautiful :)


  6. Åh så jobbigt att han börjat krångla på natten nu. Så typiskt. Du ser i alla fall lika fab som alltid :) . Hoppas du får en fin dag trots sömnbrist. Kram Linda

  7. As Uta said it so perfectly true, we like you and understand you - if you are stylish or not it doesn't matter
    For us dear sweet Stina... Take care and try to understand that A is feeling that something will change his life as well very soon. They can feel that much better than we guess- I was in the same situation with Elis, she changed very much a few days before Alisa was born too....that was like she knew the baby was arriving and she wanted to spent as much time with me as she could find esp at night :-)
    Don't worry Stina the better days will come too ! You will manage everything and however we can just help you with writing here, all of us support you by thinking about you!

    Lots of love and light from

  8. Du ser strålande ut! Håller också med Uta, du ger oss så mkt, oroa dig inte över attdu måste ge oss detta nu när du har så mycket att tänka på med lille À och din kommande bebis! Var rädd om dig! Lycka till nu inför sista dagarna innan bebisen är hos er. (Undrar också om ni kommer att bo i Sverige nu och framåt..?) Kramar

  9. Super kule FENDI sandaler, til jeans !!

    Herlig at du fant de på salg, da kan man liksom unne seg - selv om sommeren er på hell :)

    Går å sikler på en MISSONI jakke jeg har funnet på, ikke kjøpt den ennå....trenger den jo ikke, har bare lyst på den...hihi

    Hold ut, ikke lenge igjen, så melder nok lille prinsen sin ankomst snart, håper jeg, nyyyt sverige og kjøligere temperatur.

  10. Uta is so right!!!Rest and kind of enjoy the days before giving birth.We all understand those busy circumstances!You gave us all so many nice blog entries and pictures and written texts...and those lovely bags you hunted for us down in France!!!
    By the way, you look fabulous. I don´t have a child at the moment, nor am a pregnant, but i look really horrible.You are such a classical beauty!Don´t be to harsh to yourself.
    All the best,

  11. Hej Stina, det låter som att du har det kämpigt nu. Ett stort lycka till inför de kommande förändringarna! Kram, Hannah

  12. oh my god woman you look so good!!i wanna look like u when i am pregnant. u should write a book about how to dress with a bump. good luck with everything, and please keep blogging, its such an interesting blog one of my favourites..xoxo

  13. I also agree with Uta. Get plenty of rest and relaxtion now, the end of the pregnancy is always so hard (and so exciting). Alexis is a smart little boy and knows "change is in the air", all for the good :) Any day now...

  14. Take care and rest! We do understand! Wish you all the best!

  15. Kära Stina.Tänk lite på dej själv.Ta det lugnt, njut dom sista dagarna. Hoppas förändring kommer att bli bra för er alla. Stort lycka till. Vila och njut.
    Om du har en stund över vill jag ge dej ett TIPS. Idag har sångerskan Lisa Nilsson haft Sommar i P1. Snälla Stina ......LYSSNA på detta! Helt lysande tyckte jag. Lägg dej bekvämt och lyssna i din Iphone.

    Idag har jag vuxna barn........fyra stycken!! Jag har varit egen företagare hela mitt liv precis som min man.Det funkar fast man inte tror det iband!!
    Stor kram från Christina

  16. Dear Stina,

    I think You are a very considerate person to be thinking of your readers in your situation. Take care and good luck with the birth of little L.

    Regarding Alexis I agree with others who have suggested that he problably senses the change to come. But might he also be growing and therefore waking at night wanting more formula than usual? Maybe You could try giving him eggmilk (äggmjölk) instead. I have not tried it but I have read about parents who have and thought that it worked. If You Google on äggmjölk You find recepies.

    Kind regards from Karin in Lapland

  17. Vår dotter som är något äldre än din son gick nyligen igenom en liknande fas. Mitt tips är att vägra välling på natten- vi gjorde det och det var fruktansvärt jobbigt i två nätter men sen slutade hon tjata. Hon får inte ens vatten nu och sover som en stock hela nätterna från att ha vaknat säkert 10 gånger.

    Lycka till med allt!

  18. You rock dear,so absolutely stunning!!
    all will work out just fine-greetings and best wishes

  19. Beautiful pictures, as always, dear Stina!