Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Another G R E A T thing about being in Sweden, is having unconditional access to the best milk/hazelnut chocolate in the world. I just can't get enough of this one and it has been my favourite since I was a little girl. All the ingrediens are perfectly balanced and it's not too much of anything, just pure perfection. Nom, nom ...


  1. I definately understand you! I'm Swedish too, but I also travel a lot to Switzerland. Of course I highly appreciate the finer Swiss chocolates but when I'm having a craving, a good old Marabou is the best!

    By the way, I truly appreciate your blog. It is probably my favourite. I really likle to see pictures and recognise the Swiss and Swedish environments both of us are lucky to experience.

    I wish you all the best! Thank you for such a great blog.

  2. Njaaa... norsk sjokolade er faktisk bedre enn både svensk, belgisk og sveitisk tilsammen ;)

  3. I prefer Finnish Fazer Blue. Marabou is just too sweet for me.

  4. The chocolate with orange is the best :)