Friday, August 16, 2013

Pancake cake recipe

A super tradition in our home; a homemade pancake cake with whipped strawberry cream and fresh picked blueberries from this morning was served when I had some friends and their kids over this afternoon. Both Alexis and I had two large pieces and I swear, it's to die for.
It takes some time and demands patient to make, but it tastes delicious for both grown ups and children and I love how pretty and homemade it looks.

RECIPE - Stina's family pancake cake with forest blueberries

Approximately 20 pancakes (I ended up using approximately 14 of them in the cake)

- 5dl dl (500ml) flour
- 1 teaspoon of salt
- 12dl (1,2 litre) full milk
- 6 eggs
- 100 grams of butter
- Butter to fry the pancakes in

- 10dl (1 litre) full cream that can be whipped
- 2dl (200ml) strawberry jam, preferably homemade

- A lot of fresh blueberries

So. Blend flour and salt together in a bowl. Add half of the milk and stir together without lumps, add the rest of the milk and the eggs. Melt the butter in a saucepan, add the mixture and stir well.

Heat up a pancake frying pan and add a tea spoon of butter and let it melt. Poor 0,8-1dl of the pancake blend in the frying pan and turn it to different sides so the liquid dough spreads all over the frying pan. Let it fry until it gets a golden colour, then turn it gently to the other side and fry that one also. Then put it away on a plate and prepare the next one to be fried. For every three pancakes you fry, you need to add some new butter in the frying pan. This is the part that takes a LOT of patience and time. Don't make the pancakes too thin or they will break and don't make them too thick as they will then break also. Perfection in thickness it what you will strive for.

When you have a plate full of pancakes stacked, let them get cool for an hour, then put them in the fridge to really cool off.

Start whipping the cream. When the cream is almost ready to be used (it should be very porous, fluffy and light), add the jam and whip it together again so it blends well together.

When the pancakes are really cold, take one at a time, spread a layer of thick strawberry cream on top and put another pancake, put strawberry cream on that one and another pancake. Continue like that until you have no more whipped cream to use. Remember to save a large amount of strawberry cream for the top part though. Also, make sure to spread the cream all the way out to the edge of the pancake to get that yummy look. You want to see the layer of cream between each one of them.

Take the blueberries and just add a thick layer on top and serve with some lemonade and milk for the kids.

Enjoy this very lovely family tradition of ours!


  1. looks so YU-MMY! I can even taste those blueberries,mmmm..have a lovely weekend,Lana

  2. gorgeous! recipe?.... x

  3. Family blog now!

  4. Recept vill vi ha! Hälsning Christina

  5. Ser helt underbart ut - recept tas tacksamt emot. Detta vill jag göra på nästa brunch :)

  6. Would *really* love this recipe, looks too pretty to eat :)

  7. do you have time to share the recipe?

    1. Hi Stina! yeah! would love to have it too....when you have the time! pretty unknow dessert in southern Europe!Keep up the easy-eyed pic! thanks for them.Cath

  8. Ever tried a dessert with lots of meringue /maräng with a soft centre, together with
    strawberries, whipped cream or vanilla sauce on top. Just amazing. :)

  9. Thanks for posting the recipe! Can't wait to try it :)

  10. Thank You for the recipe! In Austria we have a similar: Hot pancakes are filled with blueberries and lots of sugar with cinnamon in the same way. At the end it will be lightly pessed down to crush the berries a little, toped with soure cream.