Thursday, August 22, 2013

For little L

Everything is set here in the romantic country house and it gives me such a pleasure seeing these small preparations Alexis and me have done for the arrival of little L. Since Alexis room always was decorated in light blue and white, I made the decisions of having all things for little L in light grey and white. We bought a whole new setup of crib, closet, nursing table, bed linen, lamps and other wonderful details for his room in a beautiful collection, white with this sort of old fashion, yet very elegant and "Hamptons" style. I'll show you further on. But for the start here in our lovely house I use the same little bed as Alexis had. It's quite special in the shape and design, but works wonderful for its purpose to be easy, mobile and very comfy and secure. It's light as a feather and so perfect to just push from one room to another, optional when you have a new born.
I made it with the bed linen from when M was small, plus a new bought cashmere blanket in a sober cream white colour.

Obviously little L will inherit a lot of things and clothes from his older brother, but still, i think it's important to understand that they are individuals and so I got different things and some new things for the smaller one. Alexis has a rabbit he brings exactly everywhere (you might have recognised it by now), so I figured he could chose a comfy pet for L which hopefully will serve the same love as his "kaninen". And of course he fell in love with this other grey rabbit when we visited the soft animals at NK. So now both of them will have a grey rabbit, but from different brands and in different materials.

(wonderful cashmere blanket: from Davida here, bed from: STOKKE, bed linen: M's baby sheets)


  1. Good luck, it must be any moment now, how exciting!

  2. Yes a very precious moment and you are so delicate to think to each other like this. So refined dear Stina! Also in the heart.
    Big hugs

  3. It looks soooo cosy & sweet... Made with LOVE & CARE💙
    L. is very lucky to have all of you as family!!

    All the best for the coming days dear Stina!

    Mel from Athens

  4. 3 weeks in your situation without husband is a long time.He must work a lot.And little A without his dad in this special time.Someday sometime you are living alone in sweden with your boys because M is not very talent to be a father
    God bless you !

    1. What a horrible thing to say. Clearly M and Stina have chosen Stockholm as the place for L's birth instead of Zurich. I imagine one of the cons of this decision involves M having to be in Zurich to work and therefore being away from Stina and Alexis whereas they would have been together if the birth was happening in Zurich (though Stina, please do not misunderstand me, I understand your desire to be near your mother at this time)

      To judge M's parenting skills and dedication to his family based on what you know from the blog (i.e. very little) is outrageous. I'm sure he would rather the whole family was together as I'm sure Stina does too but sometimes one has to adapt to one's situation.

      Good luck for the birth Stina, I hope M makes it there in time!

  5. Oh looks supercosy dear! Where did you find a nice nursing table? Looking around myself, due in 4 weeks time now, cant wait:) All the best, you are a wonderful, stylish, caring mum!!! :) Hugs Susan

  6. The bed looks so comfortable and i really love those calm colors. Stina, with each day i get more exited and i´m really nervous when i check your blog ( at the moment a few times a day...)
    Maybe i can buy everything from you if i get pregnant!That would be really nice;)
    All the best,

  7. To the "Anonymous" :
    Trying to hurt the feelings of a pregnant woman... left me shocked!
    How can you do that???
    But just for your info: Stina is a strong woman and such cheap comments won't do any harm to her!
    Get a life and hide it well! Like your name!

    Mel from Greece

  8. What a precious little bed :) You are an amazing Mom, you do things with so much love.