Friday, August 23, 2013

Time goes by

When M and me drove the car all the way up to Stockholm and he left me to go back for work one day later with the awareness that we would not see each other for a period - three weeks seemed like the longest time ever. And as a matter of fact, these three weeks have been v e r y long for the reason that I've been taking care of Alexis, my pregnancy and everything around in a life by myself 24/7; (cooking, putting to bed, playing etc). I've had my parents from time to time helping, and their warm and lovely kindness has gone beyond again and I'm so grateful for how much love they give out to Alexis and me, but the main responsibility with everything ( the slightly chaotic nights) is obviously my responsibility as a parent.
So M is more then welcome tomorrow morning and it gives me such a joy thinking we will now have a long period of family time together here in this soul healing environment where the ocean and the forest is making the absolute best triumph to the every day feeling. And hopefully he will take some nights alone now with Alexis so I can get some proper sleep and collect energy for whenever the delivery will start! Because let me tell you, I'm already exhausted!

(cashmere coat: Salvatore Ferragamo, sweater: soft goat, shades: Prada & bag: Hermés Birkin)


  1. Oh, nice that he will be here then when it is time for birth (as it seems). And of course he will help you ("avlasta"). He must be longing to see you both again! Take care and hope everything goes fine! Laila

  2. Hi Stina,

    Here's a long story.

    There were times in my marriage (our anniversary is coming soon), when we had to live apart for months on end. He was stationed in another country, and I was at home, going to work, doing all our normal stuff at home: taxes, banking, sending Christmas cards, spending the holidays alone.

    That year was really, really tough, because it was completely new to me. The second time this happened I was more experienced, but it still felt odd, not having my husband by my side, every day.

    Now, after those assignments, I've gotten used to him being with me, every day, but he could be stationed abroad, again. If that happens, I think it will not come as a big shock, and I Will use that time, to plan our future, to take up a new project.

    I turned the negative energy, the sorrow, the sleepless nights, into a positive force. (A cliche, I know). I learned to become a more independent woman, and we took extra care to appreciate the time we did spend together.

    None of my friends thought that my husband loved me less, *because* he was away. It was quite the opposite, I've never received as many roses than during those 2 years. :)

    With lots of love. :)

  3. Lots of love'
    Now he will be for you and everything will be fine¨¨¨eka

  4. Now your love will be with you, little L can arrive...

  5. So happy for you that you will be reunited with your love, and with perfect timing. All my very best wishes for the coming days :)

  6. Have to send you a short message now, when you have gathered your family and it's time for little L to enter this world. All the best for your whole family(of course including grandmothers and -fathers). Hugs from Sophia
    P.S. This summer I have been "out of office" when it comes to commenting your writings, but maybe the autumn changes that... and those posts concerning fashion ;-)

  7. Beautiful photo of a stunning couple!! Hope to see many more of these over the years -with your amazing sons wishes always,Lana