Friday, August 30, 2013


What a different experience I had this time with the delivery. I felt, Wow; is this how a birth of a child can be?
The labours started late Sunday night as I've wrote before and I felt directly that something was going on when we went to bed. M had been sleeping with Alexis since he arrived for me to get some better nights, but we did not really get that lovely thought into practise because already at 1.30am in the morning, I woke him up with painful labours and said that It was all starting. We decided to wait a little bit more and we both tried to get some more sleep but at 5am in the morning I just could not take it anymore, I was in very painful labours.
So we droped Alexis off at my parents and went to the hospital and there I was already open 6 cm and everything else, the epidural etc, just decided to work on me this time, mainly because of a very skilled anaesthetic doctor I guess. The midwife was excellent and everyone around and at lunchtime this little person came out with me screaming out to the world in pain like a cave woman and with six pushes that felt like they came from the survival of mother earth. But it was so amazing! I was there, present, felt every little step in Leons arrival and had total control over everything that was happening. And at the last push, were I felt the whole body coming out of my body and being lifted up, all wet and warm and screaming on my body ... well, I was ready to do it all again. It was so beautiful, powerful, extraordinary - the female strength in it's absolute most mind-blowing state of using itself to create life. If that is not something, then nothing is. It's something I wish all human being would go through at least one time in their life to understand what we are, as biological creatures, made to do.

Leon and me stayed one night at the hospital and then we went home. My parents, Lissie and Alexis came already the same day and saw this new family member from the very first start. Last time I had problem walking for almost eight weeks and I had severe pain for a very long time afterwards, but this time I just feel so much better. Of course the body is in pain here and there, a delivery of a child have taken place, but not close to last time. I feel fit for fight immediately which is very good because Alexis demands me just as usual if not more.
The first two days was not easy with him and when he realised that this little baby was following us home, he just went crazy. Time will definitely be on our side in this purpose and the focus needs to be on Alexis as much as possible for him to slowly getting use to this new setup and his little brother. Today I can already see a difference though but since Alexis is so young and Leon so small, we can't leave them together for one second and Leon is so fragile and obviously it's impossible for Alexis to understand that when he jumps on me, who is breast-feeding Leon for an example and wants a hug, he can hurt Leon in a very dangerous way. Situations like that is very hard I find but we live and learn every day.

Talk soon!


  1. Hi beautiful . Yes it's normal that Alexis who had all attention(and a lot a lot a lot...of everyone), is a little be jealous of the new arrival....
    Everything will get in order in few days, courage my dear Stina. You look so fresh ! I am happy that it has been a little bit more easier than for Alexis,

  2. Grattis till underverket!

  3. Stort grattis Stina och underbart att höra förlossningen gick så bra! Vi fick vår lillebror för 6 veckor sedan (på DS) och jag har faktiskt exakt samma upplevelse, en helt underbar förlossning och jag ville direkt ha ett barn till. Blev helt hög på känslan när det lilla pyret låg på magen :)

    Jag tycker också det var supersvårt att balansera storebror och lillebror i början. Blev arg på storebror som hoppade på mig när jag ammade och bara var så himla "stor". Jag ville försvinna själv in i bebisbubblan och hade dåligt samvete för att jag inte orkade båda barnen lika mycket som jag hade förutsatt mig. På BVC fick jag faktiskt rådet ATT just låta den känslan vara. De sa att jag skulle tillåta mig själv att försvinna (inom rimliga ramar såklart) in i bebisbubblan och fokusera på bebisen, åtminståne i en tid... för den kommer aldrig igen. Och de sa att pappan skulle fokusera på storebror. Så vi gjorde så i en månad och det är jag glad för (jag hade utmaningar med amningen och behövde "marathonamma" för att den skulle komma igång, och då var jag ju ändå inte så kul att hänga med). Nu är vi tillbaka i rutinerna och jag börjar låta lillebror få skrika ibland för att fokusera på storebror.

    Så mitt råd till dig är helt enkelt att vara "tillåtande" mot dig själv, sänka kraven på hur mycket du ska orka (för adrenalinet efter förlossningen kommer försvinna)och att njuta av lillebror... Men du vet det redan.

    Skriv gärna lite om amningen (och senare viktuppgången) om du vill dela med dig av det. Men om amningen fungerar utmärkt så är det kanske inget man tänker på är en stor grej. Hur sover lillebror på nätterna? Hoppas ni alla börjar sova bra snart.

    Stor kram!

  4. Stina, you will be amazed how quickly Alexis gets used to his newborn brother and the realities. Baby #2 is when fathers truly come into their own- you will find that M, who was great dad before, steps up and will become magnificent. Enjoy the ride and take care of yourself!

  5. So happy for you Stina! You look great!

    Mel from Greece

  6. Oh, vilket underbart sätt du beskriver födsel och problem på. Hur smärtan är hemsk men uthärdlig och alla känslor som flödar. Känner lyckotårar i ögonen över ditt mirakel (för det är ju varje barn!). Hoppas nu ni får många veckor ihop för att vänja er vid er nya familjesituation. Lycka till med allt! MVH Laila

  7. So beautifully described ♡
    Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! You look radiant.
    Have a lovely weekend.


  8. Stina I totally agree with you.
    I too wish that every human could experience pregnancy and the pain and joy of childbirth...The world would be a very different place!

    You look lovely. Glowing with maternal contentment.
    Alexis will settle in to his new role of big brother very quickly.

    M must be over the moon!

  9. Himla vackert skrivet och du ser helt fab ut :) . kram

  10. Dear Stina,
    I follow your blog everyday and receive so much enjoyment from it. Congratulations on the birth of little Leon.
    Alexis will adapt to his new role of big brother and will excel in it. You look lovely and very content.

  11. Stort GRATTIS till underverket!! NJUT av din fina familj!

    KRAM JessicaE

  12. Such a nice baby's and family's blog....,
    All the best

  13. congratulations! am thrilled for you x

  14. When baby #2 &#3 arrived someone gave me great advice to alleviate sibling rivalry. As you are nursing the baby and cooing/talking do it in praises for the older sibling. Like, "Leon, how lucky you are to have such a great big brother to play with you one day". This way you are bonding with the baby by cuddling & talking and Alexis heard you praising him to the baby and hopefully helps him to want to behave in the way you are praising him. Good luck, you have a beautiful family!

  15. When i got a little brother i just hurt him the whole mum told me!Think it´s kind of normal, i totally got in love with him and can´t imagine life today without my little brother.
    So happy that you´re recovering well and you look so good and happy in the picture above!

  16. Hej Stina och stort grattis till Leon. Du får säkert en massa tips om hur du ska hantera storebror/lillebror situationen. Jag är syskon nr 2 i min syskonskara. Mamma hanterade situationen amma mig och tillfredsställa min bror genom att ha oss båda i knät och läsa sagor för min bror. Bökigt och trångt men vi fick vad vi båda behövde, mammas omsorg. Med tiden tyckte brosan att det blev trångt och obekvämt, då satt han på golvet och lyssnade på sagan och lekte med något, senare så behövde mamma inte läsa utan han satt och lekte på golvet, sedan var han inte särskilt intresserad alls utan lekte med något. Njut av din familj!