Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Autumn bargains???

Shop, shop, shop!
Would you like to get a pair of really wonderful knee boots for autumn 
in a stylish suede material and just the perfect look to wear over 
your skinny trousers or with a skirt? Or just some other nice items?
I've lowered the price on the 
purple Prada knee-boots (like new) SÅLD! and the totally
new dark grey ones SÅLD! and the sensual
silver sling backs from Phillip Lim and the perfect Miu Miu dress.
Now is the time to make a really good bargain!

As always it's first comes first served!
Go to Stina's Vintage Store and check them out!


  1. Stina how much 1000 krs are in euros?

  2. Stina, what size is your pink coat?

  3. Hope some more beauties of yours will soon be up for sale ;)