Wednesday, September 4, 2013


What a beautiful day! Autumn came, but summer still hanging in there and today was no disappointment with its shiny 22° and pure sun. I could easily have gone in one of my new Stella McCartney skirts, bare legs (which I'm also dying to be able to wear, but still a little tight around the waist and I'm in no hurry*). Instead we took a lovely nature stroll with Alexis running around and admiring the different flora and fauna. These are the only jeans I can fit myself into, but those are also perfect for the country side with it's super casual look.

(poncho/cape: Ann Taylor, jeans: too old to remember, bags & ballets: Chanel)

* I'm on no diet, never have and I don't want to sound like I'm in a rush of getting back to my normal size, but of course I'm eager to be able to dress in my clothes again and for that reason I'm just expressing my longing, open for you. I know I did not put on a lot of weight, in fact a normal number, during my pregnancy and I'm aware that it goes back quite by itself and that I'm lucky in that sense but we're all different and need to adjust reality to that simple truth. We all have something to struggle with, this just seem to come easy for me. But being healthy is most important and I eat like always, six times per day, proper food and trying to motivate women to enjoy their life in all ways possible. Food included, but also style and fashion, that's why I since I got Leon is mentioning the way back to normal - because it makes me so genuinely happy to be able to wear what I want again without back pain and hip pain and a lot of weight to cary around!


  1. Stina, you are a lovely person, both your inside and outside! Take care! Regards from north of Lapland, Koskullskulle! :-)

  2. You look great! I don't think women should feel the need to apologize for reclaiming their body back! You're right, everyone is different. I remember feeling sooooo tired if maternity clothes and could not wait to dress regular again.

  3. What a gorgeous coat, I love the trim, length and most important the billowy sleeves. Jeans looks so oomfortable and then the Chanel is the icing on the cake!

  4. Thank you for those words.It´s a pity that nowadays everything is about counting calories, low-carb, vegan, low-fat,.....and not about being a woman with a soft layer of fat, on the right parts of the body!Enjoying life with good food and wine and not starving yourself!
    Therefore i love this blog, because every woman you showed us here looked healthy, specially your mum and sister!
    Oh it´s also hot here in Bavaria again...can´t wait till it gets colder and i can wear my new boots..

  5. Oh my dear Stina. Yes it's quite unusual to be like you just after few days of delivety, but also you had lost with Leon inside if I can say.
    So of course we have a great pleasure to find you back into these jeans which are still more fashion again this year.
    Here actually it's too hot to wear already our autumn's clothes. We actually have 30o the afternoon. I am ashamed to say that it's too hot for me now... But at least sunshine still some days,
    How long will you stay in Swedish country ? You have the help of your parents for the time Leon is so small enjoy it the most longer you can
    Big hugs
    Ps this casual looks is very sophiticated at same time. Like you.

  6. I have found your pictures really interesting because they show that for some women their weight really does go down quickly after the birth without lots of dieting. In this country women cannot win whatever they do. We are criticized for being overweight but also criticized for trying to lose weight too quickly after having a baby ! Lovely pictures and congratulations.