Wednesday, September 11, 2013

City stroll

So while life is busy in both positive and negative aspects and I have little time for writing longer posts here - I try to take the benefits of having my man around all hours of the day for another two weeks and snapping outfit pictures instead.
This was what I wore yesterday when we checked out our beautiful city apartment we own. How I miss that one. Really, really miss that one. The problem in life is always to chose the right thing at the right time don't you think? And also when you have a family with small children, maybe It's really time to stop being egoistic (stina want's to live in the city) and start thinking what would be absolute best for the children (two boys would love a garden and a house).
Well, well ... no more time to talk now. See you soon. I felt that the country side temperatures were chillier today so I would probably put on the thing that was inside the Malene Birger bag when we go for an excursion and snap a pic of it!

(blazer: Moncler, blouse: Closed, pants: Seven, heels: Roger Vivier & bag: Chanel)


  1. Jag tänker på en sak jag läste en gång på en kylskåpsmagnet (!) där det stod: if mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy"..
    Jag lever efter den devisen (o inkluderar barnens pappa) i mitt moderskap.
    Därför bor jag kvar i stan ;) jag njuter av det, livet mitt liv till det fullersta, åker till skogs/naturen när jag känner för det, njuter av att se min tvååring springa runt.. Njuter av att komma hem igen.. Frihet att leva som man vill.
    Hoppas du o M hittar rätt på er stig.
    Varma hälsningar H

  2. Stina,don't leave the city.You don't speak the language and at the county of switzerland, you are completly alone and isolated.

  3. We are living in the very middle of the Berlin with two small girls and we all enjoy! We tried to live in the nice neighborhood straight from the housewife fairytales with a garden and everything but it didn't work out for us...

    1. Admittedly, the country made me ill and prematurely old aged but then I don't have children to consider.

  4. But where are Stina. I dont understand well in ZH or in Stockholm? You own a flat in Stockholm or in ZH?
    Sorry I am lost.

  5. Chiller here too in Scotland. Every time I see you I want to go blonde.

  6. Dear Stina, I can highly recommend Zürich Goldküste. Here you have both: the vicinity of the city, upbringing for your children in the country but nevertheless a cosmopolitan and upscale life! Would be great to have such a stylish and lovely blogger colleague in the neighborhood. Hugs, Claire

  7. Best is to live in the city and have a house for the weekends. Especially in Stockholm - the weather is so bad and there's so much darkness almost half the year. Personally i hate Swedish suburbs but a bit more isolated in the archipelago it can be so nice. But I suppose you are settling in Switzerland as it's no much nicer and better located.

  8. I agree with Bourbon..... I get sick and depressed in country.
    All the best

  9. Read all comments written into previous pics about to live in countryside and it resumed well the fact how much
    It is boring.....

  10. Living where there is a thriving city life/downtown area as well as parks with outside space for children would be ideal.

    Personally, I find living in the country all year can be very isolating and this is not good for children nor adults.

    Alternatively living in the country for the Summer and city the rest of the year, or splitting time between a city apartment and country home might also be a good compromise. Susan

  11. I am sure you have considered it already but how about London? Sure, it is congested and hectic but your wealth will buy you space and greenery. And you speak the language, and your husband should be able to find work fairly easily?
    Or Paris? Milan, Rome, etc etc :)

  12. I can recommend Munich. Really beautiful city with good shopping, restaurants, culture and a special flair.
    And it has really nice quarters which are not far away from the city and are really really child friendly. Additional to that you have a really beautiful countryside (many lakes and mountains) only half an hour away, it is close to Italy...and I would like to see you in a "Dirndl" ;-)
    haha, I only want to promote my hometown. I know that it won't suit you because of the language and M's work...
    I wish you good luck with your decisions!

    By the way: really nice outfit (I love the top and the blazer)and you look great.


  13. It´s always hard to decide where to life and make compromises...specially when having children!At the moment my M and i are also making those tough decisions, but without having children.I can imagine both Stinas: Having a city house/appartement and a house outside the town where everything is calm, you can take riding-lessons and Alexis and Leon playing in a big garden M hunting them;)
    Wish you luck and looking forward you decision!
    You really look fabulous. Are the shoes comfortable?Need some classy ones for work...