Friday, September 6, 2013

Malene Birger - pink obsession

I saw it in a magazine in May or June this year and ever since I've been in contact with the wonderful and always very helpful staff at the Malene Birger store, located in Biblioteksgatan in Stockholm to have my hands on one of the few in this bold colour that I knew they were expecting.
And now it's mine since a couple of days! Happiness can certainly be found in a pink coloured garment like this. As soon as we have hints of autumn feelings again, I'll put it on and show you.
The colour is simply magical!


  1. Could it be the hot pink Bugsy coat?...

  2. Oh is it the gorgeous coat? It's a lovely shade of pink.

  3. It has to be the Bugsy in pink? From one BMB and coat-lover to another, I would be surprised if it were´nt that gorgeous wool dream in that paper bag. Me, my self and I is waiting for a delivery from the same brand and store on Bibloteksgatan for the Elaisa leopard printed coat and the lovely black/white long leather gloves. I missed the coat 2 seasons ago, and now its mine. I could not let it slip this year!

    Congratulations to your lovely new family member Stina, your children are lovely! :-)

  4. It must be the coat, I saw it in the most recent issue of "Damerna" and I loved it too....

  5. open it, open it.....please
    so curios....

  6. cannot wait to see. Luff Malene.

    You look so good for someone with a new born,

    The photos of your little boy are so sweet.

  7. I'm guessing the pink coat :)

  8. Den är så snygg! Om det är den rosa som jag tror det är så vågade jag inte köpa då jag tror att man kan känna att denna färg är inget man vill ha nästa år? Men du klär dig väldigt klassiskt så vad är din åsikt?