Thursday, September 5, 2013

Maybe a little mini M?

The older Alexis gets, the more clear it becomes that he is more of a little mini Stina (and has very strong looks from my own father as a matter of fact) then a look a like of his father. M is very handsome and good looking so I always said that the next one needs to be a copy of his father. Also M's own father is very handsome, even at an older age, so the genes from there, I hoped to be strong. And as it looks now, that wish seems to come true. In the face, Leon looks like a mini M, quite different from how Alexis looked. Leon has a neater nose, exactly the same mouth as M (well, both kids have M's mouth) but more importantly, Leon has the cute almond shape eyes, almost a little asian, just like his father. The hair is also more light brown then on Alexis, so one can only hope we'd be as happy as if we would get one mini copy of each of us. Blink!


  1. Your husband is very handsome, I guess we can all agree on that, and to see him in your newborn son most be a wonderful feeling. I'm so happy for your little family to be happy and healthy and can't wait to see more of your beautiful family life, both in Sweden and Zurich! xx

  2. Incredible! True the copy of M!
    Alexis looks more tnan your father than you Stina for the time being.
    Yes M is hum say very hansome!
    Big hugs

  3. This picture is sooo lovely!
    It seems to be your destiny, dear Stina, to spend your familiy life in company of three very handsome gentlemen *Blink*
    Hugs B.

  4. He is so perfect. And this picture! Melts my heart. All my love!

  5. Que fotografía mas adorable,Felicidades!!! .Isabel desde España.

  6. oh, what happened with M's arm?

  7. Handsome indeed! Beautiful photo :)

  8. Hej Stina! Det kan inte bli bättre :) Grattis till Leon och att allt gick så mkt bättre den här gången!