Friday, October 18, 2013

And the winner of the DAVIDA competition is ...

... JENNY who's going to give the sweater to her newly husband!
 (Jenny, email me at

Thank you so much for all amazing, well written and though through comments for this competition! If we could, we would make sure each and every one of you got the piece you wished for. What we can give you all, with the lovely generosity from DAVIDA's owner, is the discount code of 15 percent off chosen item from their collection! 
So shop whatever you want with this code until SUNDAY at 11.59PM this week. 

Use the code: STINA when paying!

Happy shopping and again;
Thank you for participating!!! 

/stina & DAVIDA-team


  1. Thank you so much Stina and Davida for this code! Your blog has inspired me to purchase the v-neck poncho! You make it look so chic! The only dilemma is now the colour! Once again, THANK YOU!!

  2. Congrats Jenny!
    Can someone tell me what colour 'mullvad' is?

    1. Mullvad is a mole in Swedish, so it must be some black.

    2. Hmm, I thought black was the svart - so confused!

    3. Tabitha, mullvad is taupe - so greyish-brown kind of. Svart is black indeed. I have to admit that the colours aren't 100% clear on the site, even for me that is native swede,.. Taupe/brown/grey.. All in the same family, they should change the layout of the site so that the garment changes colour when you change colour in the drop-down. :)

      Thanks a million for the discount, just ordered the grey polo poncho. So cute!!

    4. I agree the colours are a little bit confusing (I'll tll them about this), even my Swedish sister had some problem understanding but Mullvad is a darker brown.

      Grey polo sounds stunning!!

    5. Oh thank you all, I am struggling over the colours on the site.

    6. Lia - gorgeous pic , I love that!

  3. Congrats to Jenny, had the hope that Davida could not decide and we all win those cosy treasures;)

  4. Congratulations to Jenny! I'm going to order something from Davida too, I love the shawl collar cardigans... and those stories about people sharing their love for cashmere, it's catchy! ha ha ha....