Friday, October 18, 2013

Girl lunch

So today it happened! I left both children, sleeping at home during lunch time (yes, it's quite a task getting them both to nap at the same time) with our nanny guarding while I sneaked away for the first time for a uplifting girl get-together with one of my dear friends here in Zürich. We had a long lunch at Schiller, close to the beautiful Opera house in town and after we took a ride with the car and enjoyed the best of this hot, "late summer day".
A tradition has now started! 2-3 hours of freedom per Friday sounds like a plan!


  1. Both of you are so beautiful, did any of the men in the restaurant manage to eat?
    Great idea about the weekly escape!

    1. Ha, ha ... I was to much into our conversation that I hardly had time to see if there was any men around .... blink

  2. Sounds really nice your girls Lunch. It's so nice for us Mums to leave from time to time without our kids.

    How offen do you have a Babysitter? Which Language is she/he speaking with your kids? And which criteria are important for you while choosing care for your children (babysitter, kindergarten)?
    Does Alexis go to a kindergarten yet?

    Best regards,

    1. I have our nanny a o couple of hours 4 days per week. She speaks English to him.

      Oh, my, that she has worked as a nanny for some years before, references (very often you can't trust them unfortunately), but I think they should have a warm heart, be creative and not afraid to go out and play in any weather. For me it's important that she does things that stimulate Alexis. That they are reliable, have respect towards the child and our way of upbringing him is an of course thing and hopefully tI don't need to mention that.
      It's hard finding a good nanny and ours is not perfect. Babysitter is easier because more often the children are asleep when one is using a babysitter.
      I also want the nanny to have a healthy approach to food, have a good English language and vocabulary and be kind but know how to correct the children when necessary.

      No he does not, but will hopefully start in Feb-Mars!


  3. Stina, I like your friends necklace. Do you know the brand?