Monday, October 21, 2013

Good Morning!

From sunny weekend to more autumn-ish again. I love versatility like this.

(trench coat: Bruberry, very old pants: Warehouse & cashmere shawl: Hermés)


  1. You look great. Love this simple yet stylish outfit - especially the pants.

    Have a nice day!

  2. Hello Stina, looks like a very nice atumnwalk! How do you manage to take Tiger out morning/noon/evening? Do you and M split it between you to go out walking or do you have a prefessional dogwalker from time to time? xoxo

    1. Good question:

      M takes him out in the morning before going to work, our nanny or me at lunch and then M again when he comes home from work and then M again before we go to bed.

      With that said, Tiger is an old, very easy going dog who pees in one minute after coming out so he doesn't go around sniffing for hours.


  3. What weatherchanges. But autumn is lovely with all its colours, leaves and variation. //Laila

  4. I really like only summer in fact. Autumn? When sunny even nice colours.... Spring gives me hope of summer... I like winter for the nice clothes, fur coats, scarfs, boots etc and a little bit of snow is not bad... But as you probably already now I am a little bit special and more sun than grey days...
    I saw Roger Federer tonight at tv, he looks a little bit like you love, no?
    Anyway you are gorgeous at any season but you look a bit sad with Tiger into these yellow leaves.?
    May be I am wrong.
    Love. Uta

    1. I am the same Uta, winter I could have for one week per year, the rest spring/summer/autumn!

      You mean that M looks like RF? Yes maybe!!!

  5. Wow, you look amazing, and what a perfect day! Your little dog looks like he's enjoying himself too :) I just love Autumn!

  6. Hello Stina! I have questions about Hermés Birkin that I hope you can answer. I am about to buy my first one but its so hard to decide. I thought I would go for 35 togo black/gold but I don't know anymore. I am quite short (160 cm) and realize 30 would probably look better with my porportions. Also the epsom leather is probably nicer?? Please give me some advice. You look great! Have a nice day! Love Joséphine

  7. I actually like the Birkin in 30cm, but on me it looks quite small in fact. But since you are 160cm and I am 170cm I think you should think about it depending on what reason you will use it for. The 35cm is actually perfect for work, travelling etc while the 30cm can feel a bit small for the same use.Probably I would recommend you to go for the 30cm not to make the bag look to bulky on you.

    Ardenne was the best leather but they don't use it anymore, it was probably too expensive in the end and now I would say Cleamance leather is my favourite or Epsom which is a little bit sturdier.

    Let me know which one you ordered! So excited for you!


  8. Thank you so much for your input Stina. Yes, I think as well that the 30 cm will look the best on me. I am beyond exited! In Sweden the waitlinglist does not open till after christmas but what I heard Paris has a few every day in store and I will try to get there after christmas and hopefully get hands on one there. Which leather is your birkin? Your Kelly is box right??

    Your boys are beuitful, you are very lucky!


  9. Yes sorry I wrote so quick most of time...
    RF looks a little bit like M it was what I meant. Beautiful in any way....
    And worse of all, my English is so bad that sometimes I am wondering how you understand me!