Thursday, October 10, 2013

Street chic

Yesterday was a beautiful day for all senses! I had so much fun with Alexis and this little Leon of ours, really is starting to show some personality. Can't wait to find out who he really is, these two boys has really taken me by storm and my God, how could I have craved only small girls when two boys is so much fun and gives such an incredibly amount of love? You live and you learn.

(fur jacket: Prada, blouse: Mango, pants and bag: Zara (yes this bag is my nursery bag which hangs on the pram since the pram is grey ... but I have come to love it so much that I sometimes uses it like this) & boots: Carin Wester)


  1. You love what you get. That's how it is with kids. Yet many people wouled like to have girls, since they are regarder to be cute and sweet, while small boys are just boisterous...Having said that, I myself have got two boys and can't imagine anything else :-)

  2. I agree to Marta, you love what you get. I have two girls, but belive me their fights are sometimes worse then boy-fights ;-)

    Stina you look gorgeous! love Julia

  3. Two boys in such a short time, what a gift Stina, I envy you.

  4. You look gorgeous! I love your jacket!

  5. I think that boys are more wild and crazy as children and girls get their more difficult period as teenagers (even though it does not always work like this obviously...).

    You Stina, are like the fantasy person to me, I can't understand how someone can always be so stylish and beautiful, no matter the style they have chosen for the day. I really admire your classic yet modern style. By the way, have you just colored you hair? It has such a nice shade of blonde! Do you wash your hair often and how do you keep it in a good condition?
    My blonde hair seems to sometimes be very dry from coloring and swimming a lot in a swimming hall...

    1. I also admire Stina's ability to do this! I like fashion and beauty but being a mother makes it hard to find time to pamper myself. I stick to the basics, and these days I wear lipstick more often to feel glamorous and feminine and to remember that I am a woman!. I read Stina's blog for inspiration on how to look effortlessly chic.

  6. Los niños son tan traviesos y divertidos,disfrute de Alexis y Leó encanta su bolso....ohhhhhh es especial.un saludo desde España.Isabel.

  7. Ah, to me this is THE perfect fall-outfit! You look very nice Stina :)
    Since I don't have children myself yet, I cannot really share your feeling, but with my love for children I can truly understand what a joy and adventure it is. I guess us women always dream for having baby-girls to dress up in cute clothes and stuff. It looks like you're having as much fun with Alexis and very soon Leon as well. Thank you for letting us follow your adventure with this two little guys :) xx

  8. Perfect!Looks a little bit cold around your neck..but you wrote, that you are a warm a few days ago.
    Love the jacket, is it leather?Because it shines a bit.
    If i get pregnant, can buy some stylish items from you?!?

  9. Of course perfect as usual. In which material is the vest, it's true that we cannot see well. And the
    Zara's bag.. So nice that we could think a signed bag.
    I am no really fond of the Dior's bags but may be the new one called in French Lady Dior cuir miroir argent which is not "matelassé" and by this fact does not look a little bit too classic! Like Mme Chirac....sorry Mme Bernadette Chirac.... But of course, on you with your style a big one in a special colour why not?? To change a bit.
    The text about your 2 sons is very touching and I admire you to stay so feminine with the big job of beeing such a good mother.
    Hugs. Uta

  10. I have 2 boys too, and they are so much fun and have a good dynamic :-) They certainly bring plenty of energy into the house! This outfit is really gorgeous! I'm curious, are you tall?

  11. You have a classic and nice style, I think. You blog is full of life. The children are really the best in the life. Now my boys are young men, but I can discuss with my boys on style and fashion.Boys live also sport life with 'pappa'. Irma

  12. Vilken otroligt snygg jacka :)
    Barn är fantastiska :)
    Lilleman är ju stor tonåring nu men lika mysig fortfarande
    Vet inte om du vet men han fick en skada nu i slutet på sommaren
    Och det har varit kaos här pga det
    Men äntligen börjar allt vända
    Tack för all din inspiration och glädje du sprider vännen

  13. Hi Stina, could we please see a close up of the vest? Very chic look.

  14. More more pictures from you please!
    Since Thursday we need them.....

  15. Not sure comment left.
    Stina look the W from LV you surely will like it. In yellow the best! Big and practical and very fashion

  16. Well not everyone has children and sometimes this a choice not having.
    But as you are so happy with your little boys we are happy for you pretty girl.
    Françoise from Paris

  17. hmmm.. absolut. Men det är så tabu att säga man önskade en tjej, en mini-me att dressa fint och som kunde sminka en och göra frisyrer etc.. åka på spa med, ha tjejsnack över the etc som vi själva med våra mammor. Jag älskar, älskar, älskar mina pojkar. Men det var så himla härligt refreshing när du ändå sa att du blev lite "besviken" där på ultraljudet och att det ändå fanns en önskan om en tjej... Jag tycker man absolut kan få känna så utan att man på så sätt "sviker" sina pojkar.. Det är så superkänsligt hela tiden att säga något som kan uppfattas som negativt om man är mamma.. I alla fall i Stockholm.. Kram!

  18. Hmm... ett tillägg. En sak jag kan känna dock med att ha två pojkar, är rädslan att de ska försvinna från mig i vuxen ålder. I de flesta familjer är det kvinnan som styr och familjen står närmare kvinnans föräldrar än mannens. Barnbarnen är oftare mer med mormor/morfar än farmor/farfar i många familjer. Mannen dras in i kvinnans familj och bort från sin egen. Där kan jag känna det vore skönt att haft en dotter och fått bli mormor. Jag är rädd att mina pojkar ska gifta sig med kvinnor och "dras in" i deras familjer och så sitter man där själv (jag är ensamstående...). Men man får väl se till att bjuda in dem och vara "rolig".. bli kompis med svärdöttrarna. Och jag vet... man ska inte ta ut negativt i förskott...