Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Today - Competition time again!

It's a rainy and boring day here in Zürich today. With children you feel it even more since a lot of things are not made for a 2,3 years old toddler with a newborn. The day can feel r e a l l y long being inside!

So since I have a blog and since the children just went to sleep - I though I prepare a nice competition again! One of the benefits of having a blog is actually to get so many interesting possibilities one would not have without giving quite much to the public eye or writing about something that gives people a chance to follow or get inspired by.
Like when I buy something and I see that you have a big interest, I can obviously negotiate with the price and see if they would be interested in doing something for you readers. Like now with I'm a Limited Edition which sells necklaces and other accessories I love.
The necklace above is from they a couple of weeks back and how stunning is it not. But they also have the big and thought after statement pieces from J.Crew and other brands. Take a look.

I'm Limited Edition and me are also proud and happy to host a generous competition where you can win what ever you would like in their shop!!!! 

To participate:
- Write in the comment field here WHY you like Costume Jewellery and WHY you would like to win whatever you would like.
- Follow @wwwimalimitededitionse at Instagram if you have it.
- Subscribe at their news letter (to the left hand side at their web page) Click HERE.

If you DON'T want to participate but would like to buy something anyhow, they also from today 131024 - until Sunday 131103 offer 20 percent discount on a whole buy with the discount code: STINAIMALE

We can't wait to see what you would like to win or what you have bought!

Good Luck to you all!
stina & I'm a Limited Edition

(blazer: Monclear, cashmere cardigan: Marni & necklace: Lulu Frost here)


  1. I like costume jewelry because it's easy to wear and you don't have to feel obliged to dress up. On the contrary - a nice piece makes the whole outfit, but most importantly - you can feel casual and luxurious at the same time when wearing it. And why I would like to win something? Well, I've just ordered myself a bracelet (thanks gor the discount code!), but it is quite a classic one, while I never dare to buy any STATEMENT piece. I dream about a flashy and chunky necklace or earrings and.....finally I always choose something else....or a pair of shoes, for a change :D So, what else can convince me that it's my destiny to dare a bit more and a bit more often, if not winning such a competition...? ;-)

    1. Dear Marta!

      Thank you so much for participating in our competition! Please choose a piece in our store that you would like to win! We would´nt know which statement piece you would like to own otherwise! :-) And thank you for your purchase!

      Have a lovely day!

      The crew at I´m A Limited Edition

  2. Dear Stina and I'm a Limited Edition,

    Thank you for this wonderful competition.
    I adore costume jewellery because it is the difference between a nice outfit and a "wow" outfit and as a mother it allows me to still feel and look feminine and original without compromising comfort and practicality. As any mother knows you can lose a bit of your own identity and sense of self when your children are small and so much of your life revolves around being a mother, it may sound silly but putting on a fun and beautiful necklace or bracelet reminds me of who I am as a person, as a woman and not as a mother or wife etc... Costume jewellery brightens my everyday and puts a spring in my step and I would like to give that brightness and spring to my darling sister.

    I would love the chance to win the Kate Spade Butterfly Bib necklace for my sister. My sister is expecting her third(!) son early next year and so is in desperate need of some femininity in her life! She has always been my hero and inspiration - smart, strong, kind, unbelievably funny and an amazing mother and sister but she never does anything for herself so I would love to give her this necklace as a "push present" when her third boy arrives.


  3. For me jewellry is a way to express yourself, but most of all a way to add the extra touch to an outfit. And just that piece of jewllery I find at Costume Jewllery and everyting is just so gorgegeous. A fantastic mix which make me crave all beautiful things. The one the craves the most is my mum, who always have craved for the Kate Spade necklace since she got the earrings. She's the most increadibly mum put on this earth so she fully deserves it. It would be so perfect to give her it, to show my appreciation on her birthday on New Years.
    So birthday candels, 11.11, dandelions and shooting stars, do your job! BR Madeleine

    1. Dear Madeleine!

      Thank you so much for your contribution to our competition! Which necklace from Kate Spade would you like to win?

      Have a wonderful day!

      The crew at I´m A Limited Edition

    2. Hi again, there's too much I want actually, but the one my mum is hoping for is the Kate Spade Bib Necklace. Amazing! You too! BR Madeleine

  4. I love costume jewellery more than fine jewellery as it give you more chance to be fashionable, whereas with a fine jewellery piece you tend to choose something more classical so it won't look dated.

    I love the Lulu Frost Emerald Art Deco necklace you have been wearing: it ties together a vintage look but still looks modern and up to date.

    Following on instagram (50s_girl87) and facebook plus subscribed to the newsletter. Fingers Crossed!

  5. Hej Stina!
    Vilken fantastisk tävling! Älskade halsbandet ovanför direkt då du la upp ett inlägg om det häromdagen, och att nu får chansen att vinna...
    Jag pluggar modedesign och är nu inne på mitt andra år. Som många i den här branschen går min garderob mer och mer åt det helsvarta hållet, och mina dagliga outfits består av svarta skinnbyxor med svarta blusar, på sin höjd vita. Att vara omringad av färg och form hela dagarna får mig helt enkelt att klä mig själv så enkelt, om ändå klassiskt och snyggt, som möjligt. Jag behöver helt enkelt ett sätt att sätta pricken över i, en färgklick i min svart-vita garderob, och vad skulle väl passa bättre än ett statement halsband!? Jag älskar costume jewlery just av den anledningen att det på en sekund höjer hela min appearance. Dock tillåter min studentbudget mig inte att köpa något annat än plastiga saker från H&M, och med det försvinner känslan ganska direkt.

    Jag har precis skickat en ansökan till ett jobb jag drömt om länge. Och när jag går in på intervjun om några veckor så behöver jag powerwoman attityd. Det tänker jag att I´m a limited editions solarwave necklace från lulu frost ska hjälpa mig med.

    Tack för en underbar blogg och inspirationskälla!

  6. dear stina,

    I will try to win something once again :D I adore statement necklaces and costume jewellery, they add a special bit of style to every outfit and you can just wear them with nearly everything!!! I would love to win one of the great necklaces, I just have to decide which one.. as I am still a student and dont earn a lot of money, big statement piece like this one would really be very loved and appreciated! thank you very much for this chance and I wish you all the best from austria! big kisses, valeria

  7. Oh, do you need to say at once what you would like yo win? Then, I believe, it'd be J. Crew's Blue Archipelago necklace....

  8. Well I had all of my jewellery, including my wedding ring and engagement ring, stolen in a burglary 12 weeks ago. I am now loathe to put money into real jewellery ever again, I was one of those types who kept things "for good." Costume jewellery should be enjoyed and worn daily with aplomb, everyone needs a little sparkle in their life everyday.

  9. Oh and I love the art deco one you have, Stina.

  10. It's very kind from you but you could also answer to the previous comments left and with some questions left.
    When your 2 toddlers sleep...
    You are a wonderful woman full of possibilities...
    Kindest regards
    Franca from Italy

  11. I like costume jewellery because they are so chique and unique and that´s the real reason for me wanting a piece from them; - TO FEEL CHIQUE AND UNIQUE :-D!!
    If I win I want lulu frost emerald green art deco necklace
    Best Regards, Nina

  12. Dear Stina
    I failed several times with commenting so I try again one last time and hope it will work.
    I would love to win de Lulu Frost Galaxy Necklace because I will start a new job in November and will have pretty strict dress codes so this lovely piece of art would make it possible for me to make something special and feminime out of every standard outfit.

    Thank you dear Stina for giving your readers so many possibilities to win nice things, that is very generous (of course also of iamalimitededition.

    Isabel from rainy Zurich :)

  13. I love costume jewelry because you can dress up a simple outfit with a beautiful piece and make it look so chic plus it is great to bring on holidays when you do not want to bring your more exspensive items.this is such a lovely prize. I would love to win the lulu frost galaxy necklace as it will compliment perfectly my new green blouse from zara.

  14. Stina och I'm a Limited Edition
    What a fantastic contest

    Costume Jewellery - Some dreams will stay for a lifetime
    A piece of jewelry for everyday and special occasions
    It is a piece of jewelry when it is as best

    I want to be fine in the fall, appear without raising my voice
    Be chic from head to toe and slightly envious glances get

    My heart beats a little extra for lulu frost emerald green art deco necklace
    Love Marinette

  15. I think that costume jewellery is more fun because it is less expensive (in all price ranges) which makes it possible to change them often. I also think this kind of jewellery is great because it makes it possible for everyone to make a statement and update an outfit easily.
    I personally would like to have "modern blue/white spike necklace" by Lulu Frost in my jewellery case. I would use it at work with a simple shirt and jeans, and to parties with a nice dress. I think it makes a statement, but without being over the top, since the style is quite classic, elegant and colours neutral. I have admired Lulu Frost jewellery for quite some time now, but since they still are quite pricy I have not been able to buy any, but how I would like to win one for my upcoming birthday and holidays. Don´t have Instagram but will gladly sign up for your newsletter. //Laila

  16. I love necklaces but for the moment I cant afford buying any new ones, because I´m off work. Sadly, but Iám positive for the future. Never give up. So your lovely kate spade new york, mod money statement necklase (citron/grey/multicolor) would cheer me up. Custome jewelry are the "prick över i:et" for the/any outfit. Thanks! /Jonna

  17. The J Crew amber archipelago necklace is a statement piece I very much would like to own. Combined with a plain white T for workdays and with the LBD for special occasions. It would be the perfect compliment in my wardrobe and jewelry box, which both, unfortunately, are rather plain and mainstream. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  18. The J Crew amber archipelago necklace is a statement piece I very much would like to own. Combined with a plain white T for workdays and with the LBD for special occasions. It would be the perfect compliment in my wardrobe and jewelry box, which both, unfortunately, are rather plain and mainstream. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  19. Oh dear Stina, even I do not participate to the competition, I find that very very kind of you. It makes a lot of joy to your faithfull followers, and it's true that a nice collar ends up even a simple pullover.
    And this one is beautiful.
    Hugs. Uta

  20. Yet again, thank you for hosting such great competitions for your readers. It shows how much you appreciate "us", a feeling which truly is shared from our side as well.
    Lately I am dreaming about glamorous accessories. As we speak I am working on my master thesis, 2 months is over - 6 to go. Although it is fun and interesting to work on something that you have chosen yourself, as well as the feeling that the result hopefully will give a great result as for future life and work, life in general at the moment is so grey, boring and unfashionable as you can imagine. I don't have the conscience to have long breaks outside of my apartment, hence I don't find motivation to dress up that much. It is sad to say, but that's my life at the moment. I believe one of the amazing jewelry from you and "I am limited edition" can give much needed spark to my daily life. Imagine being able to dress up, just for yourself and the computer and books in front of you, with the stunning j.crew Enameled frog necklace. It makes me smile just to think of it, and I truly believe it will give a glamorous look, even to my sweatpants and casual grey cashmere sweater.. So, bottom line, sometimes one have to be a little selfish, and I wish for this neck-candy just for my own well-being. Sometimes it is needed, and I hope it will inspire my future work, help me lift my head up high, and motivate myself every morning with something beautiful around my neck.

    Thank you again, Stina, for letting me participate, and thanks to I am limited edition as well. I have already liked you on instagram (johannelt) and I am looking forward to receive the news letters :) xx

  21. Wow, there is a really great jewellery selection in your onlineshop. I would love to win the CRYSTAL AND COLOR STATEMENT EARRINGS. The colour is perfect for the upcoming winter with a colourful coat, preferably red and some elegant boots. I like costume jewellery, due to the fact that you have the chance to look brilliant without spending a furtune. By browsing the shop I stopped also at the perrot earrings and can imagine them with natural makeup, just mascara and nude lips and with dark open hair.


  22. I would say costume jewellery are great for three reasons:

    1.) Everyone can be glamorous!
    Because the are affordable priced, they make glamour accessible for everyone. These jewellery give you a lot for a reasonable price and wearing them really makes you feel like a movistar

    2.) They make you (and others around you) happy!
    With costume jewellery the designers allow more crazy and creative colours, shapes or sizes than with "real" jewellery that keeps to more classical designs. These designs certainly brightens up every outfit and gives you a lot of compliments from others, it is almost like a conversation starter to wear jewellery like this

    3.) They go with everything!
    This might be only from my perspective and a bit unexpected when you see the jewellery, but they do infact go (more or less well though...) with everything! With jeans and t-shirt, skirt and turtleneck, the little black dress or the full gala outfit. Or, like in my case, even at home when I am in sweat pants playing with the kids but sometimes dreaming away to terrass overlooking the mediterrainian sea and drinking cold wine...

    I love the j. crew crystal and neon chevron necklace


  23. Hi Stina,

    I completely fell in LOVE when I saw your necklace the other day! I have followed your blog for many years and just when I was looking for a really nice statement necklace for my little sister, who is going to be one of my bridesmaids in December, I visited your blog for the day and saw your post with the lovely green necklace and stones! Our colours for the wedding is dark green and aqua blue and when I visited, I found that they have i LOT of lovely stones and fabulous things for that colour theme. I really love how a cool, big and colourful costume jewellery and out of the box necklaces/jewellery work with clean and elegan clothes - which is often the case on a wedding. It would really be the "icing of the cake" if my beloved little sister could win a necklace and wear for the big day, together with her grey long dress. She is young and very beautiful and I know that a costume jewellery with our theme colours would enhance her stunning looks in the most perfect ways - she would be the remarkable combination of elegance and timelessness but with an edge and a fun contrast! With costume jewellery from I'm a limited Edition she will have the whole package - grey dress, silver shoes and lovely jewllery! With a necklace she won't need anything else - and we can keep the hair simple! It is just that, a great piece of beautiful costume jewelery can do for you - wrap it up and make you shine like no one else at the party! And that's what I wish for my little sister that day, since she is very special to me.

  24. Dear Stina,

    I'm not entering the competition, however, I wanted to say that I really hope that Tabitha's entry is chosen. I'm a long time reader of her blog and have always found her to be utterly charming and witty with all that she shares on her blog, and generous and kind to all of those who comment. I was so sorry to hear that her home was broken into earlier in the year and could only imagine how tough it would've been to find all of your treasures gone and your sanctuary not feeling so safe anymore.

    I've never left a comment on her blog but I really wanted to leave one on yours in the hope that something lovely might come her way.

    Lauren in London

  25. I like custome jewllery cause they are so unique and a way to add the extra touch to an outfit.You can combine with H&M, Zara,Mango and with Isabel Marant,Issa clothes.In every way you look very nice and sophisticated.I looking for the Lulu Frost for J.Crew crystal white necklace for some time but I dont have money to buy.I live in country where the life standard is so poor, so that necklace will we bring light and happiness into my life.Kind Regards Sandra
    Big hug to Stina:)

  26. Hi Stina, Love the necklace you picked out. I was feeling a bit uninspired lately with my closet. I have a lot of basic, but good pieces, in solid colors. However, sometimes a girl needs a bit more sparkle in her life. When I saw your necklace with your basic tees, it reminded me to continue to building my costume jewelry collections- which is extremely small at the moment. Costume jewelry can really change a very simple outfit and turn it up a few extra notches. Since it is a lot cheaper than real jewelry, it is easier to change up the style and build a lovely collection. I'd love to win to try out the Lulu Frost brand that seems to be popular. Love to see and try out their piece in person. Thanks for hosting and you look incredible for just having had a baby!

  27. I like the one you picked-it is dramatic yet quite sophisticated. I also like the modern life blue Lula Frost one. Jewelry is a great way to make a statement to any outfit. As a woman it is lovely that we can accessorize our outfits and change their look. I love just being feminine in my outfits.

  28. What an amazing competition! Stina I fell in love with the Lulu Frost necklace the moment I first saw it in your blog. I also love your J Crew colour pop necklaces. The way you combine these pieces with sweaters, t-shirts and blouses is simply mesmerizing. I take so much inspiration from your pics. I am a big fan of statement jewellery and I own some beautiful pieces but unfortunately nothing in colour (yet!). I think J Crew neon and yellow necklace would fill that gap and bring some extra colour into my wardrobe. // Anna Mai

  29. hi, i just went throught their site - what amazing peices they have! I think i am in love with Lulu frost ABSINTHE NECKLACE. Beautiful colors, so deep and rich. I could pair this necklace with a crisp white blouse, or white tishirt - both would look amazing, That;s why i love statement necklases, and i still hope i would get one for myself one day.
    Thanks, Radmila, (signed up and followed on IG)

  30. Dear Stina and IMALE-Team,

    Thanks for competition. I just took a look at the page and .... wow! They are all really beautiful pieces. So hard to decide for just one ;-)
    Personally speaking I do not wear much jewellery. First, because in my job in science big rings and bracelets do not go together very well with gloves and sterile work and second, because I just do not have much and on top I am totally lacking a nice necklace. So on an average day I only end up with my wedding ring (got married recently :-)). But I really would love to have more sparkles and colour in my live and I think statement juwellery is perfect for this.
    I totally fell in love with the j. crew colormix statement necklace and as both a mother and a scientist - which makes my wardrobe even more practical and boring I must admit - a piece of the wunderful collection would just be amazing for my daily looks.
    Thanks again for the chance :-)

    ps. I just signed up for the newsletter ;-)

  31. Dear Stina,

    wow, great competition. I went throug their website and I have to admit it`s really hard to chose one peace. Their necklaces are gorgous. I would chose the lulu frost emerald green art deco necklace, just as you did :-)
    I think such a statement piece would make every outfit special.

  32. Dear Stina,

    I hope there is still time to compete.

    Well basically I only own one piece of jewelry that is of importance, which is my late mothers wedding ring. But I can only imagine the feeling of having a custom jewelry, it gives you the sense of exclusiveness and carries a lot of emotions. That is one of a kind and knowing that you are the only person in ownership of one item. That is a priceless feeling and makes an outfit much more memorable and dashing!!

    The reason why I'm competing. Is because my boyfriend proposed to me in one of the shuttles on the London Eye 27/10. He whisked me off for a 24 hour trip to London and the main attraction was the JOHN MAYER concert. (I can only dream of how much he had to save up to pull this off :-/ ) Anyways, the ring is beautiful BUT too big. So I am currently without an engagement ring :-( (they said the alteration would be 1 week, but I think its about 2 weeks away). I would like to throw an engagement party. Just a simple get together with friends and family and also because we haven't seen people for quite some time now. And since I am without a ring to show off, I would LOVE to wear a beautiful piece of jewelry to add to a LDB and some nice lipstick.

    *fingers crossed*


    *fingers crossed*

    And may you all have a blessed and continuos lovely week.

    Kind regards,


  33. I would love to win the "color mix statement necklace" from j.crew. It would really brighten up the white simple dress that I am wearing for my 35th birthday. I truly like that I`m a limited editition don´t have a huge selection but are focused on great pieces.
    Stina, I wish you all the best. You are a great inspiration!

  34. For five years I have been trying to become pregnant. Me and my husband are still wishing upon our lucky star and that is why the Lulu Frost Galaxy necklace would be my obvious choice for this great competition. The stunning piece would look gorgeous with anything, but of course I am hoping to be able to wear it with a big big belly :-)

    /Lisa O