Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I'm I alive. Yes I am, but life keeps me very busy and I'm in an emotional roller coster. And take my advice when cutting your hair: wait for the best hairdresser. I always have my hair fixed by the two best in Stockholm. Corinne at Corinne & Friends and the stylist Johanna Sylvan at Link agency.
I got too eager and did not here, but took the first around the corner. Because when I get an idea I need it pronto and it ended up with not only did I need to get back 30 min after I was done since it was 3cm longer in the back, but I also realise she cut the right side of my fringe so bad I hardly don't know what to do with it. Gooohhhh ... Not fun. Especially not when you are like me and need things to look good easily and fast. I hate uneducated people when you're buying a service (because even if it was not he best, it was not some horrible place either.). Feel like black talking their name here, but since I believe in doing the opposite to situations like this/negative people/stupid people etc, I will not but suck it up and be grateful that I am creative and that my hair grows fast, it can't be fun selling a service when you feel like you can't deliver expectations of result!
To change subject: this is what I wore the other day by the way, a lovely, aubergine coloured silk dress with a perfect autumn-ish neck.

(dress: Greta here, boots: Rodebjer & bag: Louis Vuitton)


  1. Really like that outfit, colours and shape are great! This dress looks like the perfect mix of seventies and modern style, actually the whole outfit looks like this :-)
    It is really annoying when hairdressers can't do their job right and you are not satisfied with your hair in the end. Not only need you to pay for it but also you need to "wear" your hair unless it grows out.
    But at least it will grow out. But I'm also like that, when I have an idea I want to have i immediately. Last time I got luck and found a really good hairdresser by accident because it was the only one who had a spare time directly. Nevertheless I like your new bob and I think you look younger and more modern/stylish with it. Though of course both, shorter and longer hair, suits you very well.

    Have a nice day and don't get too stressed!


  2. I cut my own hair, I can't cope with bad haircut angst.
    Pinned up it looks the same as usual, so worry not Stina.

  3. I guess it must have been the styling of your hair the day you had the new looked great!
    Nobody has seen the pony-mistake....and still, as I can see from today you manage to make the best of it!


  4. Oh I love this dress, and that is my favorite color! That's too bad you aren't entirely pleased with your hair, but it will grow and lesson learned to wait for the best (it's worth it). I've learned that the hard way too. One thing I don't do anymore either is chat to my hairdresser, I find they get distracted and get sloppy with their work, now I just stay polite but don't engage in conversation, they focus better this way. :)

  5. Oh, no... Been there done that. Såå tråkigt och det spelar ingen roll att andra säger att det ser fint ut eftersom det är man själv som måste känna det. Bra att du gick tillbaka. Har jag också gjort. Och man undrar ju hur det ens är möjligt att en frisör(en av de bästa i min lilla stad) ens kan klippa fel på flera cm från den ena sidan till den andra. Well well...som du säger...tur att det växer ut fort igen. Stor tröste kram. :)

  6. Love the dress but think you could have maybe worn a different bra to produce a more smooth shape? Your hair looks nice, don't worry too much, it will grow! xo

  7. It's why I have 3 ones. One for cutting, one for "mèches" blond highlights I dont know the name in English and one down my house only for brushing..... Which are not the best but I dont know to do my hair! The most important is cut and colour.
    You arrange them happily and your dress is unusual and very pretty.

  8. Original dress but old fashioned on you even you are pretty it look sad. Colour, shape etc
    Sorry usually I like all your clothes but this one makes you to appear older.
    Hugs don't be angry it is my opinion.

  9. Hi Stina,
    I thought you looked marvelous in your hair style, I really did, when I looked at your picture earlier. But I quess it's something only the person wearing the style knows about or feels about.

    I love your blog / photo diary / comments because there is always something new. I love the creation in aubergine: the cut, the color and the frills close to your face. I think the ensemble is pretty perfect.:)

    Your haircut is classically beautiful. If the length is too long (which happened to me once or twice or..) it´s just the perfect excuse to buy some pretty pins of brooches for hair and have great fun with it. You might find a new hair style for those days when things are just a bit too messy! Thrown in a few crystals and sparkly diamonds and you are well on your way into a more fabulous Stina :)

    Have a great Thursday:)