Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Frida Fahrman's collection

I have so many talanted, creative, strong, wonderful, interesting, inspiring friends around me! One of them is my Dear friend Frida Fahrman, a multitalented female, who can only be someone one have to look up to. She recently did something beyond everything else she normally takes on, designing a collection of kids wear.
It's a cute, bohemian chic and very comfortable collection, perfect for playful newborn, toddlers, kids and their mothers. And the most adorable thing is that she named one of the body's after my Alexis!! I love it, it's so thoughtful and sweet!!!
Alexis is a tall guy so unfortunatley he already grew out of that size by now, but of course I ordered it for little Leon plus some matchymatchy things for him and me!
Can't wait to see them and show them off on all of us! Thank you my kind Frida!!! ♥

Shop the collection here!

(It's by the way her own son Nils who appears as the model for the baby wear, how cute is he not and like me and Frida always said, a little twin brother with Alexis)


  1. What a sweet friend! Her clothing and designs are really lovely, very talented! :)

  2. Ohhh saknar dig så mycket!! å så fint skrivet. Du har en stor plats i mitt hjärta finaste Stina.