Thursday, November 7, 2013

Graffiti mood

A couple of days with both kids by myself and no nanny or help has been hard. But I survived, exhausted and a little bit grumpy and looking so much forward to tomorrow.
Two mega fun things are happening; I'm getting a hair cut (striving for a shorter page then last time) and in the evening we have a babysitter for both kids and meeting up some crazy friends for a lovely dinner at one of my favourite places in Zürich and some longed for partying! Last time was in November a year ago so my God do I think this will be fun??!!! Yeeaaaahhhh!

(vest: Zara, sweater: ,scarf: Mum's old, bag: Gucci & boots: Acne)


  1. Well done! All mums deserve a drink or two and a long party night out, at least sometimes or shall we say once at year:-) Going to London next weekend, without my little one and looking forward to it sooo much.

  2. Brilliant - well deserved! Have a great time and can't wait to see your new haircut, I'm sure it will be gorgeous!

  3. Blir genuint glad för dig! Förstår att du längtar:)) Välförtjänt, minst sagt. Inlägget nedan var verkligen fint, ärligt och värdefullt. Som alltid, välskrivet och perfekt. Oh, roligt med klippning idag! Lustigt, jag klippte mig igår i en axellång page (med lugg). Ovant men hoppas jag kommer gilla det fort. Trevlig helg fina du! Kram

  4. you are looking fantastic,but why sunglasses on every picture?

  5. Looking forward to seeing your new hairstyle:-)xoxo

  6. I love the mum's scarf.
    Spend a very fool and joyful evening dear Stina. Be the most beautiful.

  7. Love the edgy background.
    Offsets your look perfectly.
    Can't wait to see the new do.
    Considering a radical chop myself!

  8. Låter superhärligt!!! Njut :-)!!!

    Jag är ensam varje dag med tre barn och ingen nanny ever...Just saying...! :-)

  9. Have been thinking also for a new shorter haircut! ~( too much hair loss since I do breastfeeding for more than a year now...) Look forward to get inspired!


  10. Hur gör du med amningen när du går ut? Ersättning, pump eller taxi hem? Ha så grymt kul ikväll!

    1. Well, how do I do with the breast feeding when I go out.

      Since this is the first time since Leon was born, and I hardly remember what I did with Alexis, especially not tonight when Leon keept me up aallllll niiiiggghhhtttt llooooooong.

      But we will leave quite late, around 9pm and then I'll breast feed him as much as possible and our nanny will give him the bottle if necessary. When I come home I need to pump out the milk and maybe I need to bring the pump out of the breast is about to explode.

      Any tips!!!!?????


  11. You are an amazing woman Stina, inspirational really.


  12. TIP: about every one hour go to the ladies room and massage your breasts as you know....with this you won't have the ''exploding feeling'' and it won't be painful later when you return home...
    HAVE FUN tonight!

  13. Such nice outfit, really like the vest. /Laila