Sunday, November 10, 2013

Lack of sleep

Last five nights I've collected 22 hours of sleep in total. Three night's were completely my little Leons fault, the other two can only be blamed on myself for having a lovely evening out in Zürich and then the evening after, hosting a dinner with some friends from Geneva. Let's just say i haven't taken cared of my body at all this weekend, but oh so worth it.
I have in all foggy brain activity hardly taken any pictures these days, when I'm this tired, my inspiration is zero. So the only two I can offer you is parts of my outfit on Friday night when I wore this silky leopard dress with my lipstick heels.

Talk soon!


  1. Despite your lack of sleep you're looking amazing!
    Hang in there, life with small children can be exhausting, but it will get easier!
    Thanks for sharing your life so honestly and openly!

  2. Thanks to share these pictures even you are exhausted and I can understand that very well, I did not sleep at all last night I feel like a vegetable today! And with this weather....
    How did M find your new cut of hair,?? because it changed you a little bit.
    Anyway always so pretty dear Stina, I like your silky leopard dress.

  3. You must have been THE eye-catcher of the evening! And i mean ...from head to toe literally! (how fun those heels!) ;-)


  4. LOVE the hair! Feel like getting a bob right now :)