Monday, November 18, 2013

One for you and one for me

Hand made from ecological leather, one for Alexis and one for Leon. So cute and easy to put on and Alexis loves them and think it's so much fun that Leon has the same!
I also got these posters for our new home, one in each child room. Simply fun, pedagogical and smart to look at when learning languages.

(Minimocks, here)


  1. Hi Stina,
    I have always wondered about the languages your boys hear. Swedish from Mama?, French from Papa?.... Swiss German? English when you are all together? I am a mother of two boys too and right from the start our boys have been bilingual (German/English). Now they are 10 and 13 and we live in Hong Kong and they have been learning Mandarin for the last 5 years. Children are so capable of learning languages from a young age. But my boys are a little older...and a bit cheeky and prefer to answer in English :-/
    Love your are so stylish, an inspiration! Your two little angels are just gorgeous too!
    Stephanie :)

    1. Wow Stephanie, that's amazing for your boys, both the fact that they get so take part of a different culture, but also the blessing of many languages!

      At home we speak English, M speaks French to the kids and me Swedish.
      Since M also are fluent in Spanish, German and Italian - we will give the kids Spanish as soon as they manoeuvre the three main languages. I can speak a little spanish and understand quite much and we have relatives in Colombia and Miami so it's important to now it!

      I've heard it's common though, especially in puberty that they refuse to answer in the languages, but just relax, sooner then later they will and at least they understand it!

      Good luck!

  2. Cute posters, just wish they would have spelled tomato correctly :-S