Monday, November 25, 2013

So much going on!

This weekend has been filled with lovely pleasures from morning to night. I've had quite some head ache unfortunately, but manage to participate most things anyhow.
We've hosted two dinners and was invited to one yesterday. M and me has also rinsed even more, clothes (here), furnitures and you name it. Our philosophy is: What we haven't used or though about the last six month, needs to have a objective evaluation if it really should stay, be given away to friends, charity or being sold. We have one moving truck and everything needs to fit in, which in our current situation feels impossible.
But it's very liberating going trough ones belongings like we do. And what will not be kept by us, can be loved by someone else.
In the same time, we're also in the progress of decorating our new ... HOUSE!!! YES, we bought a house! It's totally crazy, but a lot of fun and I love living life as spontaneous and sometimes crazy as we do. We always have ten things going on in our life and though it can be frustrating, believe me, it's never boring.
The house needs some things to do to fit our taste, but as we will move straight into it, with two small children and we can't live in a building chaos - we have to take some steps here and there. But we will have lots of space, a garden and lot of fun things to decorate! I'm thinking eclectic, beautiful, original and dynamic as lead words for what we want it to look inside. But most of all, it needs to feel loving and as a wonderful home where everyone feels welcomed! The best part is: even if a house many times is a final destination, for us and in our heads it's our first house and we're planning to enjoy it for about three years and then move on! My God would I be bored otherwise! Never stop moving and developing, in your mind and in your life - we have one journey during this lifetime to do as humans and we will for sure make most of it!

This is by the way what I wore yesterday to our dinner invitation at some friends place. Love the fur which is ten times more stunning in reality!

(fur: Mink, pants: H&M, wool sweater: Ralph Lauren, bag: Louis Vuitton and heels: Christian Louboutin)


  1. Åh så roligt att höra att ni fått er ett hus. Du som har drömt om detta ett tag nu. Jag känner glädjen och ivern i dina ord. Visst är det skönt att göra sig av med saker som bara ligger och tar plats, ingen glädje i det alls. Livet går vidare och ger plats för något nytt...varma kramar Hannah

  2. congratulations, can't wait to see it!

  3. Congrats! I'd love to move, we've been in the same house side we got married 15 years ago, I'd love one more adventure!

  4. Wonderful!Hope you do some posts about home stuff!
    I have to send you some tomato seeds in case you want to plant some;)
    I guess you don´t want to let us know where you bought it?!?

  5. A house we thought already but where in ZH or in Stockholm?
    I love your new vest beautiful

  6. Grattis, vad häftigt !

  7. Hi Stina,
    I love the fur, and the shoes, and the jeans, and the bag, and the marble/stone building:)

    I also love moving and packing, even within the same city, because it gives me a good excuse to go thru my, our stuff and I also find new scenery to look at. During our last, well latest move we threw away so much stuff and donated to our parents that now we have just the basics.

    Went to a whole new cafe in the weekend, and it felt like a whole new city was opening up for me, for us, my husband and me. I know so many people who have moved several times but also some, who have stayed in the same place for years or decades.

    It's so great to take a chance, and find a new home, and be so prepared for anything in life, and not get stuck in your own ways.

  8. How lovely! Space and a garden is pretty important with two growing boys and a dog.

  9. Very importtant for the children (and the neighbourghs)...... It's an important decision but the good time to find houses also. Bravo. Wish you all the happiness that you deserve.

  10. A house:) Wow! Somewhere near your parents perhaps...I guess it's from familiar neighborhood for you or to your man...I bet that yours...;) Hih, tell soon!

  11. Congratulations! I hope you will make posts about interior design now, that would be very fun! :)

  12. I am glad for you, congratulations. Looking forward to many interior posts wherever they will be ,-) B.

  13. Congratulations Stina! Look forward to see it! When, where, & how (wow) it is! ;-)

  14. where is this house? i would like to know :)

  15. Stina, about those head ache you have. I´m sure that you have tried everything to keep them away, but maybe this is new: my neurologist recommend me to take everyday vitamin B tablets to prevent the migraine.

  16. Dear Stina,

    Are you going to make us wait until the snd of January to tell us where? Noooooo, don't be so heartless!! The suspense is killing us!! Xo

  17. Stina! Congratulations to your new house, it will be terrific and I am looking forward to follow you decoration this house.
    If it is not to personal, I think it would be very interesting to hear about how a day looks for you and the kids now when you are in Zurich. From morning to night. I am also alone with two kids and I think it is hard sometimes to make the time go by. You also wrote you play with Alexis. i think that is great, i find it a bit "långtråkigt" to play and i am usually too tired... but i feel bad about it.

    I also wonder how you manage to do all the stuff you do even though you have your headache? When I have a headache I just want to lay down and sleep...

  18. Congratulations on your new house, that is very exciting and perfect for your family! :-)