Wednesday, November 20, 2013


So today I have nanny- time for Alexis a couple of hours and Leon is finally sleeping. I've had to pump my milk all day yesterday since I eat Diclofenac (Voltaren) for my headache and neck pain so Leon is on the bottle and sleeps like a rock!
Perfect, becasue my man has ordered me to go through all my things. Again. Apparently he does not want to move with 40 boxes containing only my clothes ... I don't understand what he mean ... he he he

But things that I haven't used in 6 month or have forgotten will have a second thought and might end up You Know Where by now, in Stina's Vintage Store. Some of you always say you dream of my closet, et voila! It's served - often for 1/5 of the original price.

Talk soon!


  1. I looooove this Chanel box bag whaou its a"folie"
    But beautiful!

  2. Oh, I wish I had 40 boxes of clothes. :) Don't you worry, Stina, 40 boxes is only what, one truck? A woman should not have to settle for less. And if you get a good deal on the move; 3 trucks for the (nearly) the price of 2, they can probably squeeze in a few extra boxes and chairs :)

  3. Oh Stina, i´m so curious about your move!Maybe you can do a "how to manage a move efficient-post" one day?!? I´m sorry about asking you that again, when will you move?
    When i moved together with my husband i had to give up my two closets and gave him one because there was no space in this apartment. Can you imagine?!?I couldn´t. But now i´m happy and don´t buy unnecessary stuff!!!
    To Uta: If you want to have nice colored scarf in red, have a look at Peter Hahn. My mum always buys there some cashmere pieces and is very happy with the quality and price.
    Go Stina go;)

  4. Where are you dear Stina

  5. Looking forward with what you will wear the Rose Chanel' clutch?
    Nobody seems to have seen this little marvellous biox?
    Strange... May be they dont know it....