Thursday, November 14, 2013

What on earth is your problem?

So this blog gets bigger and bigger and I'm so grateful to have many thousands lovely, interesting, intelligent and faithful readers on a daily basis that appreciate most things i chose to write about in this blog. I've always braged about how few jerks, idiots and just haters i have in average when people ask how it feels to share small parts of my life in the internet. Often it seems to be common with this sort of feedback in this fascinating sphere where people can attack or spend time to spread hate among those who dare to share something on internet.
I made a choice years back to publish 99 percent of all comments coming in, postitve as negative since I feel it gives the blog a more real feeling of dynamic and I'm most certainly not afraid of a different mind then mine if it is expressed in a sincere and respectful way with a meaning behind. I like that and appreciate to take parts of someone else's opinion or way of look at things. But lately I've had two stalkers poisoning every post I make and many of my followers comments. Yes I call them stalkers, why else would you spend your time doing something frequently, which obviously upset you to the extend that you have to visit it multiple times per day and write nasty things about me or my readers (mostly I delete cruel comments that are not for me). It must be either a stalker or a totally insane person('s) who probably has no social education and was brought up badly, maybe without love and compashion since I can't find any other reasons why you would do something which irritate you to that level that you actually have an physical act so as take your computer and spend time writing something that initially is created to hopefully hurt the receiver. It's crazy! Totally absurd! Luckily that sort of people never gets to me. In that way life has made me tough and you need this sort of filter when you grow older, because some people will always try to bring you and others down. They think their own life, their soul and heart will eventually grow or feel better when doing so. No need to point out that you must be quite fragile to think that life works in that way.
These two readers, (M is not only a skilled bank engineer, he is also a computer and internet hacker and IP addresses, names, cities are so easy to track if you know how) spend so much time hanging in front of my blog, writing just foolish things. If they only knew that their stupidity and sincere hate goes in through my eyes and out through my ears without even spending time in my brain. Because I see through people like that and honestly I could not care a %€&%, but in the other hand I always feel sorry for those who have not come further in their own life. It must be such a hard reality to live in.

Many years i spend through this blog, writing about things like this in particular: negativism in yourself, jealousy and what that ingredient will do to any human. It's a decease, a horrible one who will damage the one carrying it more then the ones affected by it. I've worked hard in my own life to take most of these feelings away and to never let anyone less spiritual educated try to bring me down, or anyone else for that reason. Actually, it's mostly annoying if anything, since I always feel I like to write them a comment back which in the end takes time away from answering the ones that are in reality more interesting. Like this post, I would rather have enjoyed publishing something more inspirational or fun.

But to clear some things up that seems to be a nail in the eye for some. I'll write questions to myself to answer.

- Stina, why do you very often wear sunglasses. It's November! Explain.
- Well, many reasons. I wear them because 1. I have many good looking sunglasses and I love to add them as a fashionable detail. 2. I have migraine mostly every day and sharp light, lamps, daylight etc is often very hurtful and therefor I use them to ease my burden of pain. 3. I don't like to go around and squeeze my face like a lemon since UVA and UVB light exist all year through (!?). The sun doesn't only shine in June and daylight is sometimes more sharp in combination with snow. 4. Sometimes they make me feel more anonymous which I like how double that can sound since I'm the author of this blog. The best way is, I have no obligation to explain why i feel like that, so I'll just tell the fact that they do and leave it at that. So there you go. You will never see me without some colour on my lips and  seldom without sunglasses. Just accept it.

- Do you know what Fair Trade chocolate is Stina?
- This question is so ... lame, the way it was put, but I'll answer it. I started eating Fair Trade chocolate many years back since my father is a hobby chocolate expert and always shares everything new that's coming up in the world of chocolate. Often his interest is fallen on more exclusive ones in rarity or taste where the cacao bean has been produced in some new way or with new flavours. I don't know anyone who eats as much chocolate as my father ... Not very seldom in a bio/ecological way or with a focus on the human and nature rights that so often is the case in products which cost a little bit more and are developed from a resource where being aware is more important then ever.
I've tasted some really nice ones and like them very much and If they were more vividly spread in the world and our cities, supermarkets etc I would very gladly go for that option much more then I tend to do. The problem with today is that when I get a chocolate craving, normally in the store, I take the best there is to offer (here often 85% or 90% Lindt). But I am very much for all things we can do in the world to highlight the areas needed. The problem is very often that the propagandist are so into their things that instead of making the rest curious and say "if you like chocolate I would like to take the opportunity to introduce to you another type of very delicious chocolate that also take strong parts in the human and natures right, because the chocolate industry can be just as destructive as .... etc, etc" -  that's how you introduce and make people curios and wanting to change. Not to say, "ohh your eating this chocolate, so you don't care about human rights and our nature or how it's produced, how can you not be more aware of ... etc". That's a very un- intellectual way of promoting something and changing the mind and the habits of people since you're making them feel like they've done something wrong intently. You have to study a bit of physiology maybe to get what i mean, but reverse physiology can very often come useful.
No, let everyone stand up for their own choices and care more about how you yourself act, think and behave. I'm sure no one is perfect in all areas, we can all be inspired from one another if we are intelligent in how we're getting our massage out there.
Many times a nasty personality can be as devastating as pillaging a rain forest in the long run just. Think about it.

- This, this and that makes you look older Stina.
- Well that's your personal right to think what you want, but who on earth did say that i strived to look younger? I dress in what feels good and it never occur my mind to dress or look either older or younger? My dressing is an aesthetic way of expressing myself just that day and my style goes from different types depending on mood, what inspired me there and then, practicality and other circumstances. Have I ever written in this blog that I want to look younger? Never, I like my age and I would never like to be younger (only when I drink cocktails the night before).

- You answer comments so late!
- My blog is a passion - not a must. I am a mother of two small children. I have a life beyond this blog but always takes time sooner then later to answer as many as I can as soon as I get a calm moment for myself without ten different must that actually is more important to get my life and my families life going. The blog is a big part of me and I love the interaction we have together, but It can't be something that is stressing me. I'm too old in that sense, I know what to priorate. And I like to feel pleasure when answer my readers which i make sure I do. Many blog owners don't even answer their followers so please give me some credit there!

- I am so disturbed by your being Stina!
- Well get the hack out of here then! Really, you will not be missed and I actually think it would benefit your own being since you would have one ingredient less of negativism in your life (and so would we). Go and punch a boxing ball or something to get out all of that frustration. And welcome back if you've learned that being irritated on other people will only bring negative aspects to yourself and since bad attracts bad you will have even more of that in your life. Try to change and you will find out how amazing life can be when your trying to develop and strive to become a more balanced, happy, calm person who tries to see the best in people and trying to neglect the rest. OR: use me to train on, from now on you are only allowed to find something nice to write every time you want to punch my face and write how stupid I am!

Have a wonderful day.
stina (in sunglasses of course!)

(coat: my own design, knitted top: Phillip Lim, shades: Celiné & bag: Hermés)


  1. I want a Bob! U Look amazing with the New hair! I wish i would be more brave to Cut Mine also...hugs

  2. Very well put! And i LOVE your blog - inspiring texts and beautiful pictures!

  3. Love it - from top to bottom! And actually I can even relate. Albeit of not being a tenth as popular as you I had similar issues (including the "makes you look old" ;-) and have written a couple of according entries as well. One could say that you give "the haters" too much thought or energy and that it did get to you after all, or else you wouldn't react. But I'm totally with you: I could also not care less about strangers "judging" me and yet I'm also the type to speak my mind - letting them know, how sorry I feel about their life being so negative every now and then certainly helps to keep away some of that negativity. In any case - love your blog, your style and of course all the beautiful impressions you share. best, Macs (in the City)

  4. AMEN!
    Bra Stina att du ryter ifrån!
    Stina du är en inspirationskälla och verkligen ingen människa att reta sig på. Dessa människor är bara avundsjuka! Ha en fortsatt trevlig kväll!


  5. I really love your blog and I am very glad and thankful for each articel! Thank you, Laura

  6. Men herre gud, hur orkar folk följa något som dom uppenbarligen retar sig på, har de inget annat för sig...?

    Jag för min del njuter av att följa och läsa din blogg. Det du skriver om skiljer sig så från det liv jag lever och jag gillar skarpt att få ta del av det du låter oss läsare göra! Så det hoppas jag att du fortsätter att göra.

    //Vanessa :-)

  7. Hope my saying that you are patriotic because u eat Marabou wasn't taken badly- it was just that at the sight of your Sprüngli pralines Marabou felt like such a strange choice!

    Anyway, looking forward to more from you, especially Switzerland tips - I'm there 2-3 times a year and just love it even though i find the Züritüütsch impossible!

  8. You are true to yourself and thats what matters :-)

  9. Regardless of the negativity you recieve from these poor rotten eggs, know that I, a 20 year old reader since two years back, extract so much inspiration, hope, and creativity from this blog! I think the strength you can give to a complete stranger for this ammount of time, totally must conquer the hopeless negativity being spread anonymously. Stay strong Stina! And thank you!

    Hjärtliga hälsningar
    Matilda ,Norrköping

  10. Stina- I think you and your blog are lovely. I really never understood ( as you pointed out) how if someone is so offended and put off by what you post, why they keep coming back. The blog is not your cup of tea? Move on! There are millions more out there. I always enjoy reading blogs such as yours, if for nothing else for me it's a way to see a snippet of life outside the US. Lisa S.

  11. Du verkar vara en fantastisk person på alla sätt och en inspirationskälla för många.
    Att det sedan finns människor som är missnöjda med sina egna liv och avundsjuka får stå för dem. Tråkigt att de inte kan låta bli att projicera sin egna dåliga självkänsla och allmänna
    missnöje med livet mot andra.

    Bra att du sätter ner foten!

  12. Thanks dear dear Stina to take of your precious time to patiently explain what you feel with this lovely and patient answer to the new jealousy arriving permanently to people like you. You have all what they would like to possess.
    Beauty, love, nice life, 2 cute children, a man wo loves you, a fantastic family....
    Life is like this now, all these people would like to have half of what you have.
    Dont worry I just have that each day, not vrty kind persons etc etc etc. life is difficult for most of them and you drain to you a lot of jealousies. Dont make appear these comments, because we are your faithfull followrers and..... Lovers.
    For me, I feel near you more than most people very close to me!!
    Continue my dear Stina, we love you and love so much your blog. You have been very brave to explain all that upstairs!
    My joy is my very early morning when I open my i pad etc.... And i read and see you.

    t's horrible bit jealousy comes and becomes more and more virulent! To my own side also...may be the crisis, the envy

  13. Stina I've been reading your blog for a while but not commented before. I've noticed you've been getting some nasty comments recently. I'm sorry to see them they have been hurtful.
    I'll be honest and share my thoughts. You live a totally luxurious life so different to mine!!! At the same time and you've shared some thoughts about life and the day to day ups and downs of being a mother and we could be the same person.
    A colourful indulgent life and big personality like you will always divide the masses! That's ok and you are up to that it seems. People that might be jealous of what you have or don't understand you (because they don't know you) will sometimes feel the need to be negative and nasty.
    A post like yours today takes so much precious energy don't give these people your time enjoy your day and those beautiful boys you are blessed with. Or like any mum take some time out and do something for yourself. Yes people busy mothers are allowed to take some time out and do things like get haircuts. Hahaha. God forbid. Some of us even take a nap during the day and then say how tired we are.
    As for me I love your outfits. Love your style and wish i could afford it too!!! Love your new hair, the best cuts are the ones that work when you've not had any time to spend on it as well when you have. I think your latest cut is one of those higher maintenance ones. We've all had that bad hairdresser experience.
    Best wishes for a happy day.

  14. OH STINA :-( there are so many insane people in this World... I do not get, why they come alone, check your blog, writing bad things every single day?! What the hell do they want? Stay away, don't read this blog, if you don't like is so easy.. or if you have some negative things to tell, say it in a polite way... It is maybe something about education, or family problems as you said. Somehow even this is not an excuse to be that rude.
    Please be strong, you have your fans/friends at your blog, here are really people WHO like you alot! Don't get sad, because of some insane people. We like you, your blog and staying behind you....
    by the way, I wear every day! sunglasses, ok it is Turkey, but we also have rainy days, days without any sun, but this is normal here. I know that from Germany, if it is not August and you have your shades on, a lot of people are starring at you. Here it is very different, it is sooo normal to use them always. Let this kind of people be ignorant, there is no way out for them anyway.

  15. You tell them Stina! Love it!

  16. Love the haircut, it really suits you! Sorry to read about the haters, I guess they always come on the internet. A reason not to blog, for me, I would not dare put myself out there like you do. I am very grateful that you and some other lovely people are not as shy, as you provide us with a lot of enterntainment , inspiration and easily accessible pauses from reality. Do not let them get you down -I do not think that people that feel happy about themselves and their own lives act like that, even on the anonymously on the internet. So maybe we should feel sorry for them.


  17. Insane people are everywhere...sometimes closer then you think.....perhaps not in your case ( but in mine!!! )
    Love your blog ...some many interesting topics.
    Allt the best to you and the family.

  18. Hi Stina
    I don't use to leave a comment even though I love your blog. I think you dress so nice and you are a huge inspiration to me - even though I am about 15 years older than you. I love to see pictures of your kids and all your comments about being a mother. It's make me remember the daily life when my children was young.
    Please do not let bad people ruin your day - thank you for being my inspiration every day!

    Kisses from Norway

  19. Stina, you can,t hold a strong woman down,so go on
    with your lovely blog and live a beautiful and hopefully migrainefree
    life! We love your blog!

  20. Thank you Stina!!!
    I don´t know the reasons why those people start kind of those things, but i´m so happy that you can deal well with them.
    Every morning and evening, after checking my new mails and drinking a cup of coffee or wine/beer i read your blog and enjoy those beautiful pictures and your good taste of everything which is excellent.Call me superficial, but i really need this. My work is between tons of books and typing scientific texts and it´s just kind of very nice of you, to give "us" such a way of escape from our daily routine.
    Please, never stop writing and showing yourself with sunglasses, eating non-fair-trade chocolate and spending your money on clothes;)
    With Uta and some other readers its always so nice and polite!Let us not stop this!
    Hugs to all of you!

  21. Unfortunately, there are a lot of social and economic discrepancies between people in the present world and some have a much harder time to accept it than others. Particulalry that consumerism is ubiquitous - we are all the time being encouraged to buy, have, need...Omly a few years ago certain things were accessible only for the richest ones, but now the whole society aspires to be wealthy. Where will all this lead to? Hard to imagine. But haters are one of the signs of our times and they are gonna hate. That's what they are for....;-)

  22. Stina, I don't care what anyone else says, I think you're fabulous, elegant, intelligent. I find it joyful and peaceful to see the lovely pictures of your style, family, travels, and adorable tots.

    Even I thought the same "what on earth is their problem?" when I would chance upon these weird comments. But that says more what is going on in their lives, then yours. I doubt these people are model human beings themselves. I'll never understand why some people really go out of their way to be mean and nasty, when surely they are thousands of other places they could spend their time on the internet or "in real life", surely they could find content and other activities they enjoy.

  23. Människor med alldeles för mycket tid som själva är missnöjda med sina egna liv, antagligen. Sorgligt men sant.

  24. Haha, folk! As I use to say in Swedish. People! Those comments are of course not supposed to be funny, but they made me laugh anyway. Sometimes I really don't know what's wrong with people.

  25. I have only, just recently, discovered your blog and just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying it. I am so sorry that you have had this experience. Jealousy can cause people to become extraordinarily nasty.

    I call people like this 'grace making' people. They teach you to have grace even though you just want to slap them.


  26. Very well written post, Stina.
    I admire your positivity and generosity of spirit greatly.
    Please who spend their time leaving bitter and cowardly comments anonymously on blogs are to be pitied. They are poor, sad souls.
    I don't comment often, but look forward to your posts and beautiful pictures. They are such a great joy to read. I really appreciate the time and energy you put into your blog xxx

  27. what an amazing post, stina! bravo. I hope you stay the way you are and don't care about people that want to harm you in whatever way. keep up your wonderful work, your beautiful blog and your passion that you write with! all the best from austria

  28. Das Thema kommt leider immer bei Blogs irgendwan auf die mehr Leser erreicht :(
    Du schreibst einen tollen Blog und ich schaue fast täglich hier rein um wieder neues zu sehen von dir und deinen 3 Jungs.
    Klasse finde ich auch das du an uns denkst. Dein Korb aus Fronkreisch steht inzwischen neben meinem Bett, gefüllt mit Zeitschriften. Mir gefällt er immer noch so gut wie am Anfang.
    Also mach so weiter!!!

  29. Stina,
    I love your blog and I think your are a fantastic. You are an amazing mom, stylish, smart, beautiful and you rock every single outfit.
    Don't let them bring you down! Pleaes keep your head high and carry on.
    I look forward to your every post.
    Lots of love Xo


  30. Ohhhh,querida stina!!! No haga caso de esas personas,usted es una mujer demasiado inteligente como para hacer caso de esas personas necias y envidiosas,viva su vida con sus hijos y su marido y continue haciendo lo que le apetezca y sobre todo.NUNCA DEJES DE VOLAE !!! Mis cariños desde España.Isabel.

  31. Jag har följt dig några år nu och ser dig som en klok och vacker kvinna i dina bästa år. Du är ett föredöme och en inspiration till många av oss. Fortsätt inspirera och bry dig inte om elaka människor.

  32. Right on Stina! I am a fairly new reader in Canada and I have to finally comment and tell you that I think your blog is beautiful and amazing, I love to see the pictures of your family and of your incredible style, and I really really admire your toughness and your point of view. Honestly it pulls me up in my own life, we do not need to settle or accept or hide away when the annoying people come in with their sickness. I do feel bad for the people with their mental health problems but they should not keep us from doing as one would like and sharing our lives. It is so enriching and valuable to have these thoughts on family, beauty and style. Please know that you are very much admired for your style and respected for your point of view. xox Dani in Canada

  33. Yay Stina! Haters gotta hate, but jealousy and pettiness is beyond boring. Keep being you!

  34. Hi, Stina!
    I'm a huge stalker, oops I mean fan, here! I've only commented once before in this fashion as I prefer to remain a "silent follower" but this particular post struck a chord and I felt compelled to support you by sharing a comment.
    Thank you and bravo for devoting an entire post to addressing these haters. Sure, they don't deserve the time of day! but it shows me that you're very real and it is truly appreciated. Too many bloggers filter these comments or let it slide like nothing ever happened. This is not a perfect world and there will always be two sides to most everything. Hopefully these particular haters would read this post in detail and learn and grow from it. And understand that in this imperfect world, every bit of positivism and kind encouragement is appreciated. Also, thank you so much for responding to comments. You're right, a lot of bloggers don't bother at all.
    When I first found your blog in OCT 2012, I read it everyday so I could go through your entire archive, post by post, back to the very first post. It was lovely to read about your style, personal life and challenges, whenever you felt inclined to share on a personal level, and see you grow as a woman. It's been a pleasure following/stalking you (I mean it in a good way! I'm not deranged). I look forward to new posts and photos allowing me, and your countless faithful followers, a glimpse into your life. And it's been a beautiful journey thus far. Can hardly wait to see where you're headed next! The suspense is killing me! :-)
    Cheers and have a fabulous day! xo.

  35. Touché! Well put, Stina.

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. Block them :)
    We love you :)

  38. Hi Stina, been following your blog since you were interviewed in feather factor. I don't normally comment or read comments since I just like to enjoy your pictures. I always find it such a shame when people can take something as simple as a lovely picture of chocolates and find some way to insult you. But I suppose when you expose yourself to the world, there will always be the positive and negative. My hope is that the positivity overtakes the random negativity.

    One of the things I really enjoy about this blog is that you keep it real. Your outfits are lovely but simple - just my style. You don't pretend life is perfect but that you are trying your best. I've had to deal with migraines in the last few years and it is hard enough when I am alone much less with two kids! Yet through it all, you manage to come out polished and able to capture those loving moments with your family. Your love of life comes through your photos; your photos really are endearing.

    It is sad when people can take something very lovely and simple and turn it ugly. Sometimes that negativity comes from a place of insecurity. I remember complimenting a much older woman (60's) at the gym who was wearing spandx leggings. She looked so good in them! However, she took my compliment a negative way and said she wears them because she doesn't have enough money to buy new workout gear. I am always surprised when people manage to wrestle something ugly out of a simple thing. But perhaps they have encountered people who don't really say what they mean or their insecurity is on their mind so much that they think everyone else thinks the same negative way they do.

    It is true that people who are most jealous of you are the one's who try to express their hatred towards you the most. Otherwise, from my point of view, you have a very lovely life but why would I hate you for it? You are doing your best- whether it's being a mother, fiancee, etc.- good relationships in life don't come easily; you have to constantly work at it. Thank you for sharing the sweetest parts of your life with us. Your boys are just gorgeous. Just wanted to spread more positivity on your blog!

  39. I am so happy that you have so many followers who read, appreciate and love you and your very seldom very interesting and full of good ideas best blog I never read. Continue Stina for all your admirators keeping your fantastic energy and perfect taste and.... Take away these new jeakous haters,
    We need you. Uta

  40. Usch, jag blir så ledsen när jag läser sånt här. Skäms liksom över mänskligheten. Varför behöver vissa vara så elaka. Usch och fy. Hur som helst. Jag tycker du är superfin, har en härlig blogg och sluta för guds skull aldrig att vara du! Yo go girl! Kram Linda

  41. Hej Stina,

    Jag har läst din blogg i några år nu och tittar in nästan varje dag. Jag uppskattar dina fina visdomsord om just hur man slänger ut olika tankar i universum och hur de sen kommer tillbaka. Jag älskar din stil och tycker att du är en klassisk skönhet. Man ser tyvärr inte sånt längre. I Sverige klär sig alla lika och ingen vågar riktigt sticka ut hakan. Du ger, tycker jag, oss läsaren en dos färgklick i vardagen. Dina foton är magiska. Du borde verkligen arbeta med detta professionellt!

    Jag hoppas att dessa missunannande människor inte får dig att sluta blogga. Det vore hemskt synd.

    Ha en trevlig helg.


  42. I usually don't leave comments very much either, even though I have been following your blog for years. I just wanted to make a remark concerning the hate that sometimes is expressed on the Internet.

    I really can't blame anyone from being envious of you, Stina. I sure am! I wish I had more money, I wish I could afford all the beautiful things you have. But I try to find my own way, being INSPIRED by you without attempting to BE you. I am envious, but not jealous. And I am very proud of the small pieces of luxuary I can bring to my own and my familys life through hard work - though they are few.

    I think this is actually the main point here. Having a sense of pride of what you are and what you have accomplished is the key to not being jealous and hateful. And jealousy is what drives these people.

    Whether or not people out there are expressing thoughts on sunglasses (huh? Seriously, is that something to be upset about, then you have too few problems in your life...), fur, fair trade products or whatever... it should be done in a well-expressed and respectful manner. Otherwise it's only an expression of jealousy...or perhaps immaturity... Eitherway its not a personal trait to be proud of.


  43. It would be easy to say that just ignore those nasty comments but negative things are such that they stay inside the head if you can't solve them and that's maybe what those nasty commentators are not understanding. A small smart-ass knock makes more harm then just being a silly joke.

    I understand reasonable criticism in the blogs comment box but only if it comes from person with a real identity:)

    I love your blog in the way how it is because you make it honestly and so that it have truly your own personality marked all over it:) Keep on going in the very same way:)

  44. Heja Stina! Mycket bra av dig. Helt obegripligt att det finns personer som förstör i din helt underbara blogg! Sjuka och galet avundsjuka människor helt enkelt. Vi är så många som älskar att få följa dig, det vet du redan men vill säga det än en gång :) Tack för allt du delar med dig av, världens bästa och klokaste bloggare:) Pleeeease sluta aldrig skriva till oss. Många varma kramar från Åsa

  45. The human species truly is a fascinating one. The fact that people take the time to read something they don’t enjoy and feel the need to share their dislike in a hurtful way with the author is truly amazing. Why?! If you don’t like something, fine, but why do you have to say it in a hurtful way?
    I am one of your silent readers who enjoy your blog. I may not always agree with what you’re writing or wearing. But that’s life! We are all different, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy it anyway. I love diversity! The world would be such a boring place if we all were the same.
    And seriously, why spend time wondering why you wear sunglasses in November?!
    All this made me think about this: “Life is so serious that it makes you laugh” – Lasse Åberg.

    Have a nice weekend!

  46. Dear Stina,

    i like your blog very much. Keep up the good work!

  47. I love this blog for what it is, otherwise I would not spend my precious time reading it! Stina, you are my daily dose of WOW ;)

    Best, Julia

    1. Same here !


  48. Hi Stina,
    You keep this blog so real and personal and honest. I want to thank you for that. Keep it up, and just continue to just being you.

  49. Ugh what rotters, I do think it's some sort of mental health issue, or just the poison that can manifest when envy takes over a person. It's tough to put yourself out there on a blog and these folk can be so venomous but there are more good people in the world as you can see from all the comments above.

  50. Stina, very well written post. I think your blog is a piece of art with beautiful photos, short posts and some deep more thoughtful texts! Great combo. Not just glitz and glam nor too serious. Also you seem like a lovely, smart woman. these people are clearly jealous of you...some stars shine brighter than others ; )

  51. Stina, I'm all for keeping life as simple and happy as possible (and let's face it, the average day is complicated enough!). Maybe it would be easier not to give a voice to the comments you don't like on your blog? After all, you're in control of your posts!

    There are plenty of people who enjoy your blog, so why bother investing time and effort with the ones that don't...

  52. Well spoken Stina! And about the sunglasses, I totally understand you, and have the same bad experience with (sun)light, not only during the summer. I also live in "Die Schweiz" (Basel) And coming from Sweden a feel the light in Basel is more sharp!

  53. Once again a beautifully written post. Hopefully these negative people will go away and do some soul searching. Their jealousy is trying to make your amazing blog into a battle zone, but that will not happen. You are beautiful, smart, kind and so inspiring. I love your blog, and could not imagine having my morning coffee without it! :-) Have a wonderful day!!

  54. Fantastiska Stina, du förtjänar ingen negativitet gällande din fantastiska blogg. Har följt med dig flera år på din livsresa och du ger mig så mycket inspiration - både själsligt och stilmässigt.
    Fortsätt bara vara du och ta ingen skit.
    Varma kramar Amanda

  55. Fantastiska Stina, du förtjänar ingen negativitet för din underbara blogg.
    Har följt med dig på din livsresa nu ett par år och du ger mig så mycket inspiration - själsligt och stilmässigt.
    Fortsätt vara du och ta ingen skit.
    Varma kramar Amanda

  56. Hey Stina! GOOD JOB.You even did her or them a huge favour by taking of your time and energy to reply. Everything that you wrote in cogent words...Frustrated, jealous, aimless and perhaps love---less are these female human beings.
    Human Nature is an awesome creation.It can be as gorgeous and pure as it can be vile and treacherous.Keep going your classy blog Stina! In French we say"la bave du crapaud n'atteint jamais la colombe".It is a metaphore.please, ask M to translate it if you want it.It is a great saying .
    Have a great WE with your beloved small ones and the big one! Cath

  57. You put yourself out there. That takes guts, the haters are usually anons, faceless pathetic losers, ignore them and their cowardice.

  58. Just wishing I had all the time you have for yourself! No long hours for both parents with small kids...

  59. The haters these horrible jealous people can even come from Geneva where M was living.... and of course from Zh. We are often astonished how people around us can be........ Or who have been around M before you Stina. Who knows!?
    I just realize that these days when someone looking very sweet has been awful and hard and ... Even more to me that I will have never never thought. You are so pretty, so happy, 2 beautiful sons and both side nice family that it can happen. Hope not.

  60. Hi Stina!
    I have been a silent reader of your blog for years, I am so sorry, that you have had this experience:(
    You are so strong, independent and a smart woman,just dont let these stalkers get under your skin, then they win.
    I guess, most bloggers get these mean and idiotic stalkers comments, for some, it is too much to handle and they quit their blogs:(
    In real life it often amazes me, how stupid and mean people can be,but it is not often, that kind of behavior I confront face to face, that can be seen in the internet. The older I get, less I stand or care anything but good people around me and my family.
    All the best for you and your family!

  61. Hi! I read your q/a section a couple of days back and I made comment here expressing my disappointment in your negativity in your answers but I now realize that negative comments were the topic you discussed (my apologies!). I really enjoy your photos and I must admit I rarely read your texts. I do appreaciate your creativity and I hope these negative people do not make you doubt your blogging. All the best!

  62. Hi Stina,

    I think the best thing is to ignore the hater and negative comments- the delete button is your friend! Just keep being you and ignore those who leave these boring and annoying messages x

  63. I like you in sunglasees. Love your taste in homedecor, so everytime i see a homedecor post i am glad. Keep up the good work.

  64. Stina, här är en iallafall som älskar din blogg! Har läst den till och från i många år och hur du kämpat tidigare i livet och relationerna. Jag är själv orolig att jag aldrig kommer träffa en fin man och få en familj, stundtals känns det tungt och avundsjukan blir stark mot alla andra som inte är ensamma. Då tycker jag om att gå in på din blogg och tänka att se hur snabbt livet kan vända som det gjorde för dig! Sedan att jag blir inspirerad av dina otroligt vackra foton och upplägg med maten samt dina kläder gör bloggen bara ännu bättre! Grattis till den nya lilla Leon! Kram!

  65. Spot on Stina!! Well written and so true! Love your blog!! Thank you for sharing pieces of your life with us! Love the sunnies! :)

    Hugs, Leena

  66. Dear Stina,

    Just wanted to let you know that your beautiful blog serves as inspiration for my everyday life and in case you feel like having a little bit of support against the mean comments - here, I am sending plenty of it to you from all my heart! Keep on (with or without the sunnies:)).

    Big hugs from France,