Sunday, December 22, 2013

Green and pink

Such a lovely christmas dinner yesterday! 
Location now? - the swiss mountains!

(coat: Malene Birger, fur: J.Mendel, leather pants: Missoni, bag: Hermés & heels: Christian Louboutin)


  1. Absolutely lovely fur, love that colour! You look so good och expensive:) Thank you Stina for taking you time to post text for us readers when we know have much you have all days. You are fantastic! Hugs

  2. You are really really pretty, Stina! The colors are perfect to you!!
    Hope you're safe in the alps and enjoying the Christmas to come. I'm almost crying cause here in Norway it's all green outside.. I miss the Christmas-feeling without any snow!

  3. Wow! Love your style.
    Do you buy your clothes in zurich or online? Enjoy the mountains and have a very merry xmas. BR, Katrin

  4. Kära Stina! din blogg förgyller min vardag, tack för alla fantastiska bilder med fina barn-vackra vyer-vackra kläder..........då min engelska inte särskilt bra så har alltid kopierat din text, sedan höger klickat och fått upp en översättning till verkar det som att den funktionen ej längre fungerar, har vackra du ändrat någon inställning? Varma Hälsningar från Ann
    P.S vid något tillfälle får du gärna berätta om dina hudvårdsrutiner, tack på förhand!

  5. Så snygg och chic som vanligt! Önskar dig en riktigt God Jul!

  6. Oh I love this outfit so much! That would have been my 1st choice too :)

  7. Looking hot :)

    Question: how do you organise your life? I know it's a big question but with new year coming up
    I'm sure a lot of people want to start 2014 with new - better - habits!

    I'd love to hear your advice on this topic, next year I'll be a full-time working mum of one but I already feel there are not enough hours in the day...!

    We have also just bought a house that needs complete modernising (no water / electricity currently) which will pretty much eat up all my free time with planning, organising and overseeing the project!

    Any golden tips from you would be super useful!
    Xxx Maja

  8. Gorgeous!
    Ok, women tell me what snygg means - its practically Stina's stock epithet!
    I'm thinking it's a bit more than pretty?

  9. I meant to write someone , not women,oops.

  10. If I may say, the term refers to something which synchronizes with another a nutshell, being on the same tune, harmony, vibe!