Thursday, December 12, 2013

Let there be light

I took this picture late the other night. It was so beautiful, seeing the reflection of light in a little drop of water that was spilled earlier. And it goes so well with my daily mantra. Something I try to live up to every day and that we all should strive for as hard as we can.


  1. my favorite quote you posted was to be the type of woman that the devil says "oh crap she's up!" Lol! I'm a long ways off from that, but sometimes I wish I could clone myself...if only so I could get more sleep. ;P

  2. Stina please how do you do your mantra? I am very interested about that.

    1. Dear Uta,

      I think about it many, many times per day. I say it too myself in my head and when I meet people aI try to keep that in mind. To listen to them, to knowledge others, to focus on the positive on each and every human.

      I try to be positive, social and present. And to "see people" and make them feel like they are of importance. A smile on the street to a random person, a smile to someone who seem to struggle and maybe small talk with them. Giving someone a compliment or just saying kinds words and behaving kindly.


  3. What a beautiful picture (and good quote of course). I wish I too could capture the beauty of a waterdrop like this.//Laila

  4. Very good quote! Everything returns to you... the good and he bad.

  5. I hope so GPO because this year many persons have hurted me very strongly!