Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Another easy going outfit just before we left for Geneva. I love the sneakers, for three reasons mainly. First, they are super comfy, perfect for a mother on the run who still wants to look chic in a effortless way. Second, they makes the legs so much nicer looking and third: they are fun! They makes the combination of things less normal and obvious. Which is enought to make my heart tick tack.
Thank you mum and dad for the generous Christmas Gift!

(leather jacket: my own design, cashmere sweater: Ralph Lauren,  jeans: H&M, shawl: Missoni, bag: Balenciaga & sneakers: Isabel Marant)


  1. Salut Stina! Just a few words to wish you an awsome 2013 last night! sure you will enjoy the food and nice Champagne.As regards the Marant sneakers, sure i agree with you on point 1 and 3 but no way they make look your legs nicer.and no way they do match with the lovely pink coat as one dear reader said: the combination of both makes you look as if you were still in a cosy nightgown out of bed.
    But well, it's just my opinion...We, your lovely faithful readers prefer you with nice boots to finish your great legs, don't you think so? You have been changing Stina and well, who could blame it with 2 babies? One year ago, sure you would have asked for nice Louboutin/Fendi/Gucci stilettos!
    Ok, all the best to you and your family!Cath

    1. I agree, Cath. I will also say that such sneakers in fact don't make anybody's legs look nicer. They are chunky and bright and, as a result, the legs are optically shortened. Admittedly, they look nicer with a sporty jacket, like in the picture above. With the pink coat, however, the combination is not very felicitous, since the coat itself also optically "cuts" the legs at some point. Plus the other cut from the sneakers on the hight of the ankles. For this reason, even though I usually really like stylististic clashes, this time I have to be critical. But, as we see, there are people who think the outfit looked fine, so apparently everything is a matter of taste...:-)

    2. Dear Cath and Marta,

      I appreciate the opinion! People don't understand the sneakers from Isabel Marant, neither did I in the beginning but when I really needed a cool, stylish and fun alternative to normal sneakers, and I googled Streetstyle pictures with people wearing them - (which is most fashionistas around the world, celebrities etc, not because that is a must, but it's a reason why they do, becasue they are so comfy yet fashionable!) and understood the variety of wearing them.

      And they are suppose to be worn with high fashion, not sport jackets. And when I mean they make the legs looks nicer, I mean in a comparison with normal sneakers. Anyhow, the taste is different for everyone!

      And I would probably have gotten them even if I did not get children since we all need something like these in our closet if you ask me. In fact, I will get them in one or two more colours!

      My style always changes, that's in my nature and that's also why i sell clothes - I get bored of them and change as in what I like. Of course I need to be nice looking but comfortable and practical now a days with two small boys, it's a simple as that. But I still wear my Louboutins, Fendi etc when I have the opportunity. The biggest problem is that I have no time to take outfit pictures as I did before, so I can't always show you the more up dressed combinations.

      And I love the combo with the sneakers and the pink coat, but with that said, maybe I won't in three month or so when I've changed! Some thing changes but the basic sense of style remains, but one have to dare to play a little and just not look like every one else!

      Have a great evening both of you!

    3. I've seen celebritities wearing these sneakers before. Never appealed to me. The only one that looked OK in my eyes was Kate Moss, but nothing can shorten her never-ending legs...;-) Anyway, not my style, but great that you find them nice and comfy, Stina! Happy New Year and I hope you'll have even more energy to inspire us for the next 12 months! :-)

  2. My dear Stina,
    With your jeans, winter, and your beauty we do not mind that you wear sneakers or not and I completely understand that in a way you want to thank your parents for their present. You have also a big heart and it's why I appreciate you so much. Happy New Year for you and your family and spend a very good evening and beginning of 2014 all together.
    Continue to be be as you are so the morning I can right away open my computers to read, look at you etc.
    A special kiss for this special day.
    P.S. Once more say to M what a happy man he is to have met you. But he already knows it....

    1. Big, big hug to you Uta! I love having you as a follower and a faithful commentator! You highlight my day also!

      All beauty, health, good luck and love to you and your husband!

  3. To speak of the devil i.e. in this case of the Isabel Marant sneakers...
    "They make the combination of things less normal" Exactly, just as Stina said.
    That's why I like them too. They add just the perfect "edge" to the outfit and give it a more contemporary look.

    But it is just my opinion :)

    Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

    Minna from Helsinki

  4. All the best, dear Stine! Have a good start into the New Year!

  5. Gott nytt år fina kloka Stina! TACK för i år. Med hopp om ett fantastiskt fint 2014. Allt gott till dig inför nästa år. Kram

  6. God fortsättning! Och de där skorna är sååå fina. kram

  7. Happy New Year, dear Stina!

  8. I wish you all the best for 2014, Stina! You are such an style inspiration, and I am always amazed at your naural grace and elegance. In my book you have one of the most inspiring blogs out there. I look forward to following you on new adventures and style combinations, with or without the Isabel Marant sneakers ;)

    All the best,
    Kristin :)