Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Stina's Vintage Store

I just bought a pair of Balenciaga heels from this season and they are too small, find them for less then half price at Stina's Vintage Store with my favourite dress from Diane von Furstenberg, silk blouse from Equipment, cocktail dresses, Tory Burch, Stella McCartney blouse, Prada trench etc etc.

As always it's first comes first served! See you there. Click HERE!


  1. What happened to the online fashion magazine that you used to write for and post here? Is it still there? It was so beautiful and stylish and true joy for a fashion lovers eye. pls let me know! thanx

  2. Hi, I too wonder. Was so looking forward to the interview with the woman with the enormous/fabulous wardrobe you were working on the last time we heard about this magazine. Does it still exist? //Laila

  3. With those Balenciaga heels in there I really wish I was a 38......

    Sorry for being absent the last weeks, I've enjoyed friends in Copenhagen and my boyfriend too. It's of course a joy to come back and getting updated again, and all the lovely posts of your family makes me smile. I'm already picturing what an amazing Christmas celebration you will have with those two adorable boys, remember to take a family photo if possible :)

    Hope you're well Stina. Hear soon :) xx

  4. Whaou the Balenciaga!!! I agree with Johanne they are fabulous.