Saturday, January 25, 2014

Bindella Zurich

A sort of "goodbye" lunch at my all time favourite place in Zürich. The ambiance is always fancy and eclectic with absolutely amazing food and service. A formidable combination with my girls, laughter and just sharing motherhood's frustration and women things! At the time my man is out travelling for a couple of days and both children are sick, so it couldn't be a more longed for break. From going half insane (Leon was up like 20 times the third night in a row and Alexis took 90min to put to bed) to felling energetic and positive again. Thank you my dear sweethearts! See you my last days next week - and then in Mars or April! Bisou


  1. The people you're surrounded with are so elegant, Stina, beautiful girls all of them! And the food in this place looks mouthwatering! Can I ask you what object you use for your camera in these pictures?

    Have a lovely Saturday! Best, J

  2. Funny - are dogs allowed into restaurants in Zurich? Do many people take their dogs along. Where I live it is not allowed unless you have a dog for a blind person. Looks like a lovely elegant place to eat and food looks delicious. Was this where you wore that cute skirt? Kate

  3. This time for sure you will not move to ZH surroundings but to another country!
    Nice pictures with a wonderful girl's lunch...

  4. Looks like a nice and cozy "goodbye lunch":)

    I wish good luck for your moving. I'm very exited to see where you move (I have my thoughts...) and specially how you are going to make your new home:) I hope it's going to be a lot of fun for you! Veel plezier & succes!

  5. I guess: move to Sweden!

    1. Cannot imagine what M. would do there!

  6. My guess is France or maybe the French parts of Switzerland, e.g. Geneva. :)
    I send you lots of strength for these times of the year. Moving can be really exhausting.

    Greetings from Germany, Nadine

  7. Great friends are true blessing. I hope the packing is going well (my intuitive Pisces nature is very strong in where you are going), we shall see, blink :) On a side note, I love that Chanel "Boy" on the table, such a gorgeous taupe! Speaking of boys, hope yours are feeling better!

  8. Dear stina you truly are surrounded by beautiful people! The brown-haired woman in the third picture is a real beauty i think.. i wish you all the best and lots of patience and strength for moving into your new home and i am sooo excited to see where you are going to live:)