Saturday, January 18, 2014

Birthday party makeup

So tonight it's my birthday dinner and party - I just can't wait! I feel like 20 years again instead of the 34 I'm turning on Wednesday! The soul never grows older then 33 years i've realised and hopefully I will always love a nice party!
I seldom wear makeup on my skin sine I normally don't like it, but yesterday I went and bought foundation and finishing powder with a excellent brush to apply in with, all to feel as pretty as possible for tonight!

I just got an early birthday gift from my man by the way, a dream come true if you ask me and I'll show it later!

Have a nice day until next time!


  1. Vilken födelsedagspresent du fick, helt magiska skor. Grattis =) OCH! Man är bara så gammal som man känner sig. Min farfar överraskade oss med ett giftermål året han fyllde 90, hans flickvän och blivande brud var 84 =)

  2. Have a very Happy Birthday and a wonderful party - you don't need much help in the beauty department Stina!

    1. That's what I was thinking, Stina you are flawless as it is! A Very Happy Birthday to you!

  3. happy birthday! what to get the woman that has it all?
    more! ;P

  4. Wishing you a lovely partytime tonight :)

    Happy birthday, upcoming Wednesday !

  5. Stort grattis.
    Önskar dej ett härligt party.
    Livet är här och nu oavsett ålder
    Love Christina

  6. Happy happy birthday to you beautiful Stina!may the year ahead hold the loveliest surprises for you..with/without makeup you are a true beauty ; ) all the best Lana

  7. Would love to hear how you liked this makeup. I've never been a fan of Dior makeup, only when it comes to there mascara, but maybe I should give it a try. Although I'm like you, rarely wear foundation etc.
    Hope you had an a m a z i n g time yesterday, and that you're tired today *blink*

  8. Dear Stina, Happy Birthday!! I really enjoy reading your blog!

  9. Happy Birthday, Stina! Hope it was a good celebration!

  10. Hi, Dior and Lancome I think make the best foundations and powders. I use Diorskin Nude BB-Cream now and it is very lightweight and gives a perfect looking skin. Hope you had a good celebration! Laila

  11. Det där pudret använder jag till vardag som fest utan foundation under. Applicerar med en borste, lite rundare än den du har. Det jag ville säga är att den funkar super som den är, vill du ha en mer heltäckande look så applicera med den medföljande applikatorn :) Have fun ;)