Tuesday, January 7, 2014


So we're all into packing these day and choosing all things possible for the new house of ours. I'm picking wallpaper for the kids both rooms, carpets for them, furniture for Alexis' room, carpets for my closet and wallpaper for our master bedroom. We're trying to custom make the sofa of our dreams and decide which colours shade to have in the living room and I think I know now. It will hopefully be so pretty!
I'm going through my closet once again and all the boxes where I store seasonal things and there are still some things left in Stina's Vintage Store if you're interested.

This is what I'm wearing today in Zurich, the temperatures is about 8-10° and the sun is shining like our lucky star. Lovely! Talk soon!


  1. Me encanta el pompon ,es tan divertido!!!! Isabel desde España.saludos.

  2. Åh, jag blir alltid så pirrig när du uppdaterar din Vintage Store … nu har jag visserligen tyvärr inte din klädstorlek men däremot på skor. Yay!
    Happy New 2014 till dig och familjen. Nu kör vi så det ryker!

    Kärlek <3

  3. Hi Stina, and all others! Christmas and New Years have really been a relaxing period for me, and although I check your blog everyday I haven't been so active commenting. About to change right now ;)
    As all the others in here I am SO excited about your move, can't wait to see the new house, where it is and how you decorate it and make it your own. It must be so great the feeling of getting your big family into a house with a garden and so on. Really happy for you:)
    When that is said, although the final destination (for now) of your journey isn't official yet, since this has been a topic quite often here, I thought it might put a smile on your face to read this article/blog post. Hope to hear from you soon Stina, get deep breaths now and then, in between carrying heavy cardboard boxes.


    1. Hello Johanne! Hello Stina! I agree with you: we NEED TO KNOW no wStina about your final destination for the few years to come.We have been very patient and respectful about "the secret".So, as Ihad said last september, i bet for Sweden!! Right???:)Cath

    2. no, she will stay in switzerland. read the other posts....

  4. good luck with the move dear.... can't wait to check out your Vintage Store :) but do tell us where you are going? my guess is that you return to Sweden...??