Friday, January 3, 2014

Geneva mood

Okey, last outfit post now for a long time with the pink coat and these sneakers. My packing when leaving for Geneva has during the years become more and more efficient.
Since it's bad weather most of the times down there (or I just have a terribly bad luck when it comes to the French parts of Switzerland), my packing has gone from quite big to small, warm and practical. Before I brought five pair of shoes, this time only two and one coat instead of two. The weather is mostly rainy so we tend to stay inside most often and therefor you don't need much more then a pair of jeans, comfy shoes and cashmere sweaters. This time it only rained a couple of times luckily!
I love Geneva, don't get me wrong, but since I hate rain and the Jura mountains are keeping the clouds and the bad weather there, I've learned my lesson.

Have a lovely Friday!


  1. Stina, I loathe the rain and live in Scotland where it rains all year round, I really hope we move some day.

  2. Dear Stina,

    I wish you and your family a wonderful new year! It can only be a lucky year: 2+0+1+4=7! My (and for many ) lucky number!

    Look forward to many inspirational posts and beautiful pictures from you!


  3. Best wishes for the new year and looking forward to hearing all about your new house/ J

  4. Absolutely true Geneva is beween mountains and get an horrible climate!
    Hope you spent a happy New Year eventhouh and my best wishes

  5. And worse of all if I have well seen, the house of M' parents are in The country not in town...
    Which is still more sad with this wrather.
    Hugs. Uta

  6. Wishing you a Happy New Year! Really looking forward to follow your daily life during 2014.
    I agree with you, Mel, 2014 sounds like a fantastic year. In March I'm going to Nice for some months. So excited!!

  7. Hey Stina! Happy 2014 Year to you and your beloved ones! We, your lovely faithful female readers are all very excited to start this year with you since you are going to take us to another country and residence very soon! (hope I am right when i dare to say "we"!)so, it means new outfits and oh so lovely daring clothing combinations! Thanks in advance for your new coming posts! Salut! Cath

  8. Stina, I just re-read this old blog post:
    about how you felt when Alexis was almost 6 months. My second son is almost six months and I recognize a little what you write, but still it is different with nr 2 as I don't have that much time to worry and I have been looking grey for very long. I wonder, if you would have time to re-read this post, how do you feel today if you compare to when Alexis was baby? Do you read the book this time again? I read it with nr 1 but with nr 2, no time,.. but also.. now I know everything is a phase.

    Also, how is Alexis nowadays? My oldest is a bit though actually. I don't really recognize him. Either gnällig `/ whiney (stavas det så?) eller extremely cheeky / busig. Kram

  9. I just love that pink coat. And those high heel boots you are talking about and being more realistic? Totally agree! I love your blog and its flair. All the best, Sabina OceanblueStyle