Friday, January 24, 2014


One of the best things i did during 2013, was dare cutting my hair in a short page. I felt like I could breath again and that the hair became me, a personal touch on something so important. I was disgusted by my long hair and it felt so out of style and I really didn't enjoy it wearing all lose.
As my hair grows very fast, it had already grown out quite a bit since last time. So today was pleasure times two. Getting it even shorter and a longed for girl lunch!


  1. I might just do a copycat!

    Love the length. I'm also VERY bored of the long hair and every other woman has the same hair, loooong. I just cut mine but I think I would like to go even shorter, I'm just afraid that I would look much older. Not that you look older... Ohhhh all these problems ;-)

    Have a lovely weekend,


  2. That shorter style really suits you! Looks great -- so chic!

  3. i don't want to sound creepy... but, you are my new girlcrush :-D

    I love this haircut! I love a bob/Page in general. But long hair suits me better

    Have a great Weekend,
    Rebecca S. (_KamenKutak_)

  4. The new haircut looks very nice and elegant, the colour as well. Beautiful Stina!!
    Btw, I have the same *blink*
    Hugs B.

    1. I agree with you, B. Chic, elegant and timeless.... my favorite hairstyle of all time (and mine too)! xo

    2. Dear Deidre, I am glad about your nice answer. When I was younger, I always wanted long hair, but for me a bob is the best haircut, because I am quite small (1,62).
      Xo B. from Germany

  5. Oh wow! Helt fantastiskt snyggt fina du! Denna klassika chica och fina frisyr klär dig något oerhört. Bästa klippet du har gjort:) Kram, Åsa

  6. Really nice! I would like shorter hair as well, but my husband loves my long hair and says he'll never let me cut...;-)

  7. Very beautiful picture of you, Stina!
    Short haircut like this suits you very well.

  8. You are really a gorgeous woman.
    Did you have botox again on the front?
    Anyway this cut of hair is perfect for your pretty face