Monday, February 10, 2014

Back soon!

Yesterday was the first night when me and the kids actually slept in the house. It haven't been possible before since all the strong smell from paint, floors and the dust and just dangerous tools etc etc. It's still so messy and things absolutely everywhere. We're trying to adapt with the painters and all the different people who does their different tasks, but I can't wait until we can enjoy the house also! Since my man is doing things in the house and working - both children are mine 24/7 and if the house would be ready it would probably be more ok, but right now it just feels a little too much to be honest! I'm dreaming of a day without anything except me, myself and I!


  1. It will come, Stina, very soon! Just hang in there.. Imagine the day when you can for real start giving this house your personality, the boys start drawing on the walls (hope it wont happen) and put their marks, and you feel that you have created this. Then you can lay back and enjoy it! Good luck, dear!

  2. Oh, I can so understand that feeling. But hang in there - it will be great when everything is done and try to just focus on the fun part - when you can begin decorating and living there. Hopefully you have the possibility to have the children outdoors so they can get a bit tired from running/crawling around? Then hopefully they come to sleep easy/early. /Laila

  3. are you not getting a live in help? i rememeber you mentioned that before. i have a baby sitter a few hours a week and just to be able to run some arrends, go to supermarket etc on your own is really helpful. just make sure she is trustworthy , has good recommendations, put nanny cams to be on the safe side. goood luck with everything!!

  4. It sounds like everything is going well though, even if it is an extremely chaotic and busy time. It looks like Alexis has been enjoying the renovations even if his mum hasn't!!! Beautiful photo x


  5. You know Stina after such works and workers into the house for weeks and more... I began to be depressed because I had to stay at home all time to verify and mybhusband was coming late when they left! And at 8 precise they were at home! Now i heard about any work to begin I got already sick....
    Of course it is for your house and one day it will be done! No I do not want to be negative but everyone thinks how happy and lucky you are but not me at the beginning for sure!
    And I had to be there all the time!
    Anyway stay strong think how it will be nice after etc....
    I send you all my positive thinkings dearest.
    In the meantime show us some pictures from you so beautiful fron anywhere at any periods we do not mind.
    Particular big hugs

  6. Kära Stina! Varma tankar till dig. Du gör det så bra, kämpa vidare, allt lönar sig snaaaart när ni får bo mer på riktigt i nya huset. Kan redan föreställa mig hur vackert och fint det kommer att bli med din goda känsla för stil och värme. Lycka till, vi väntar såklart på dig:) Kram

  7. Hi sweet Stina. Congratulations with your new wonderful home, it looks absolutely amazing and you are doing such a great job with the the kids and the house and all!!! Sometimes everything is really hard and maybe it would be nice for you to have a nanny just so you have more time for other things that needs to be done...:-) Just keep up the good spirit, you are fantastic! At last I just want to tell you that I think you look soo cute in the short girly skirt from H&M you have in both black and in grey, and really nice legs:-) I think, I want to try and copy this really cute girly look, but I have a question about the skirt and the sizes... So I really want to ask you, which size do you have in the skirts?? and are the skirts big or small in size..? Really hope that you can help me please. Many thanks in advance.
    Best regards,

  8. Hold ut !!
    Den vil bli ferdig og da kan du bare nyyyyyte ditt nye hjem :)