Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Morning light

My awake little monsters looks so peaceful in the energetic morning light. It's hard to understand how much pain they can be during night, when they look so impeccable during day.


  1. They are so gorgeous! Absolutely adorable :)

  2. Oh my gosh, those irresistible little faces! Too cute! :)

  3. Beautiful boys! Happy, glowing, and very healthy. Nothing could be better.

    Bed time can be hard. We experienced this too and I sought recommendations. I will pass them on to you: Establish a regular bed time and keep to it. Provide a story before or at the start of the bed time hour. Make a story part of the routine (kids look forward to the story, mine did). Take turns picking the story book. We sat in my son's bed for the story...with pj's on. Set the rule, everybody sleeps in their own bed at night. Provide a night light in the bedroom if anyone fears the dark. Everybody has their teddy to sleep with. Give good night kisses. This became our ritual and it worked well.

    If you have afternoon naps, shorten the nap time so the kids are more sleepy at night. If anyone gets out of bed at night, walk them back to their bed, arrange the blankets and put teddy and the child together, heads on the pillow. Say, good night, I love you, kisses (for teddy too), and see you in the morning.

  4. Jag vet preciiis! Dessa kontraster alltså :)

  5. Dear Stina! I love the wallpaper! Can you tell me the brand please? thank u :)

  6. Dear Stina, I love your wallpaper! Can you tell me the brand please? Thank you :)

  7. Dina barn är fantastiskt söta! Och du är en likaså fantastisk fotograf!
    Barn kan trötta en...jag har tvillingpojkar som nu är stora, men jag kommer ihåg
    hur sliten jag var under några år, kombination nattsjuksköterska/små barn. Sov aldrig
    bra. Men det går över! Önskar dig all lycka till med nya huset i Sverige!