Monday, February 24, 2014

My girls

Two of my absolute favourite girls in this world. One of my oldest girl friends (also Alexis' God mother) and her daughter, my God daughter. In that sense, I'm thrilled to be back in Stockholm. Hanging with them and being a part of little Olivias life is pure happiness! And who else am I suppose to spoil with beautiful little dresses, hair bows and other girly stuff, if not her? Just take a look at the chic little leopard skirt I got her, how adorable is she?


  1. Oh, she is absolutely adorable, and a very lucky little girl to have YOU as godmother. The leopard skirt is absolutely cute on her with her dark hair and eyes.
    I can imagine how much fun it is for you to buy "girl stuff" for her :-)
    Have a nice Monday ! B.

  2. How cute!
    Love from Munich,

  3. Vilken liten gullig tjej!
    Tack för hårinspiration också, så ska jag fixa med rosett när min dotter får lite längre hår :)
    Lycka till med det nya livet i Sverige.
    Hälsningar Karin

  4. She is so cute, me too I would like tu buy her full of girl's clothes......
    What a happiness to have such a friend near you and her daughter.

  5. what is she doing?:) Fingerfood?:)

  6. Det är alldeles alldeles underbart att handla "girlystuff" när man själv har en pojke :)
    Kram A