Thursday, February 27, 2014

Stokke Steps

I'm trying to neglect the hard work it truly is with two children at home by myself - and just indulge in the both reliving and sad truth that it will end in less then three weeks. Alexis will start kindergarden and it will be me and little Leon at home. Well, little and little, Leon is growing like a lion and is far more developed then Alexis in this age. Perhaps because he sees his wild brother playing around and going bananas at home?
He is eager to learn, move, see, explore and just take on the world like a lion. He is still a little sunshine most of the days, but like all children, going through these quite frustrating faces. But I've stoped breast feeding now completely and enjoying the fact that I can teach him how to enjoy and find out all the new flavours this life has to offer.
He loves to sit in this chair, and even for smaller children it's perfect with the belt and the padded inside which makes them sit safe and stirdy. And like all things from STOKKE, it's so nice to look at. Sober, elegant and just stylish in the way it's developed. The seat that I showed a couple of days back, we used in the beginning on top of it so that Leon could take part in our dinner rituals and in the same hight as the rest of us. But now he want's to sit and so be it. The adjustable table is also so smart, becaus all that banging with the spoons have got our kithcn table quite damaged from Alexis.


  1. Älskar hans runda, nyfikna lilla ansikte! Och att han just nu har kroppsform som en liten Buddha gör honom bara ännu sötare...

  2. Tell me Stina, M is working in Sweden now?
    You little Leon looks very intelligent and it's good that now you can make taste him the food and its easier for you also.
    Everything will take good place in your new life,beautiful Stina. And when Alexis in the kindergarden you will have time for you (well! A bit more) and everything will go better.
    Warmest hugs

    1. No Dear Uta, not yet unfortunately! But hopefully he will before summer! But we'll have a lady coming in a month or so living with us - that's when I can have little bit of freedom and start thinking about myself again. Now its just the family, the children, the renovations of the house an decorating it. And we can't even do everything with the house as we want since we have to live in it. The bathrooms etc, we need to redo in the summer when we're in South if France or next year!

      Big hug,

  3. hi Stina!

    Why did you move back to Sweden if none of you have a job there? Isn't it superhard to be alone with 2 kids and take care of a big house? Did you not like Zuerich? Best, Emma

  4. We just got this chair, and my little baby girl loves it. Looking forward to her starting to eat solid food though. Great blog :)