Monday, March 3, 2014


Lissie, aka my ten years younger, sensual and passionate sister moved to Barcelona just. I'm addicted to her new blog!

Check it out here. 

See you soon in my old playground mi hermana corazonsita. Love to see how you explore it with your own yes!

Pictures from last summer in our family house in South of France! How I long to be back by the way!

(So happy that my favourite pink Rodebjer dress "Candy", now also exist in black with dots! See here!)


  1. haha oj de där bilderna, dios mio ... see you when you get here amorcita!

  2. I made almost the same picture than Lisdie in Barcelona at last Chrsistmas!
    Will she study there and stay for a lomg time? It will make you a new purpose to visit her to this sunny and cheer country dear Stina as soon as organized with the nanny and house
    You will live better very soon dear Stina.
    Hugs. Uta

    1. Dear Uta,

      My lovely mother and me is already planning to visit. She does her practise there through her school!


  3. She's such a beauty! I LOVE the picture by the pool.
    Hope she's enjoying Barcelona!! xx

  4. Oooh Barcelona - how nice! She is very beautiful, and has such gorgeous lips! I've noticed she has a great eye for photography too, like you.