Monday, March 3, 2014

Brain activity

I've thought about many things this weekend which you may have noticed. Could be because my Dear parents actually took both children one full night, my man took them another night and the third night - they slept rather good and I could even take a nap during daytime. In other words - my brain activity have got some energy and I can finally think again after two month in a constant fog of tiredness, packing, stressing and all that comes when you have two small children by yourself most of the day which on top of that refuse to sleep in the night. Help is on it's way though*.

There is one more topic I'd like to enhance here since I have so many fascinating, clever, interesting, cultural readers from all around the world. I'll taste the subject in my mouth and decide tomorrow or so If I will dare publishing it. But fact is, I've never been afraid to speak my mind and I've always fought for what I believe in. Much less know, for the simple fact that you become less rebelled when you grow older and realise that you don't always need to make yourself heard. Also for the fact that I have less time and energy to dig into subject that appeals me. Well, it all goes together. But sometimes I just can't keep my mouth closed, it's just to much things going on in this world that need to improve. (Let's not get deeper into that ...)

This is by the way what I wore this grey and humid Sunday when my man was working in the house and the children and I where just in the way.

(cashmere coat: MaxMara, jeans: H&M, old boots, shades: Celiné & bag: Hermés Kelly)

(*Soon our lady is coming to live with us and soon Alexis starts kindergarden, might be that I have so much possible time, I will stand there as a fool and not knowing what to do with it all! Blink).


  1. Do not worry dear dear Stina. You spent so many things in few times, a lot of tireness, too many to do, to arrange and your 2 little charming monsters.... that for me it was really too much.
    We all understand your thinkings, questions, etc etc and it shows more, that you are very intelligent,
    In the meantime you are beauriful in your MM coat and jeans.
    Big big hugs

    1. Thank you again Uta,

      I feel sooooo tired. Little Leon is as we speak up between 5-10 times per night. IT drives me nuts! I walk around all day long as a zombie.

      But our woman will come in less then 2 weeks now and also, Alexis will start pre-school four days per week! Phuuuuu

  2. Jeg elsker smilet på Alexis' ansigt og du er så smuk og stilfuld som altid - en stor inspiration at følge din blog. Tak :-)

    Christianshavn, København

  3. "I've never been afraid to speak my mind" and that's one of the reasons why I love to read your blog so much, you always share your opnion wheter its only positive or also including critisism. In addition you let us readers be part of your real life (I know just a little part), but you also show your "normal every-day-life" which sometimes includes tiredness, headaches etc. but that makes you so authentic and an inspiration inside and out! Thank you for that, Stina! Normally I'm a quiet reader, but I thought it's time to speak/wirte that out.

    All the best for you and your cute little boys! ♥ C.

    1. Thank you dearly for such nice comment! I'm very grateful for all of my very lovely readers and all interesting comments from you!

  4. I hope you decide to write about the topic you've had in your head, it's always fun to read your posts! Regarding the "Money" topic I'm the same, and my husband laughs at me sometimes saying "you don't mind paying crazy amounts money on bags and shoes but God forbid if a cup of coffee cost a bit more the usual" ...but it's like you've tried to explain it's not about the money but more about the value of things! Anyhow I was just wondering regarding your helper that will arrive soon, I've been looking at that for a while now (having a live in helper in Sweden) and have tried to ask people (but mostly gotten a weird look as in "what's wrong with you, why can't you take care of your own children?) and search the internet but it seems like you can't hire a helper/nanny in Sweden that will live with you, but they just work by the hour! The other option seems to be hiring an au pair, so I was wondering if you know what other options there might be, what did you guys do?? I have a full time helper now and it would be nice to have a helper if/when we move back to Sweden (unless the kids are all grown up by then lol) ...

  5. What a great jacket. Really like it! Is it new (in stores now)? Thanks, Laila

    1. I got it in Zürich just before we left!