Wednesday, March 26, 2014


So another casual, easy going outfit, this time with a sleeping Alexis in the pram. I have so many news to tell you, things I've just started and things very interesting for the future, some for all of you who just wonder when I will start work again ...

I went through my closet again and in a few days more things will be up in Stina's Vintage Store. During my rinsing I found this amazing cashmere shawl from Hermès by the way. It's surely like a little treasure room, especially since motherhood, were I tend forget half of all the things in this world.

Well ... stay tuned. Blink


  1. That leather jacket looks like the perfect one. Where did you get it, dear?

  2. What a perfect leather jacket! And i have the same shawl, it's so pretty :)

    Rebecca S.

  3. Så chic! Älskar kombinationen skinnjacka och scarf:)

  4. Under bar jacka samt skorna:) vilka marken vackra du?

  5. Jag undrar också vart din supersnygga jacka kommer ifrån. Härlig blogg du har!